Sony NEX-5R: Wi-Fi Walkthrough and Smart Remote Control App

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In this video, Ed from theDigitalDigest takes a look at the Sony NEX-5R and does a great hands on walkthrough of it’s Wi-Fi and Smart Remote Control App systems (which are also available on the Sony NEX-6).

Sony’s smart remote control app allows you to use your iOS or Android device as a real-time preview monitor and shutter control for your NEX 5R/6.

Ed states that “While this may seem like a simple function, it is nothing short of revolutionary.”

Sony proves WiFi isn’t just for sharing when it comes to the NEX-5R/6L. Enjoy! -TDD

Although this video was posted last October (2012) and some of the info is not up to date (The Samsung Galaxy Camera has been launched and is now available – Learn more HERE), it is nonetheless, one of the best live demos we’ve found on the net, so we definitely wanted to share it with our readers.

My 2 Cents – Wi-Fi Edition

Wi-Fi cameras are the wave of the future, and I expect that over the next 12 to 24 months, most if not all new cameras will be wi-fi equipped.  Of course, at the time of this posting there are very few cameras that are so equipped, including the Sonys, the Panasonic Lumix GH3 and the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy Camera, which has the most mature wireless system of all these cameras as it runs off the Android Jellybean OS (unfortunately, as a camera it’s not so great).

So…  Is it worth it to pick up a Wi-Fi camera even though the technology is technically first generation?  In a word…  Absolutely!

From what we’ve seen and experienced hands on, the Wi-Fi systems of these cameras work very well, and even though there are very few apps at this point, the ones that do exist (such as the Sony Apps or Panasonic’s Free Lumix Link App) also work very well and open up many new possibilities for in camera control and creativity.   Even though the menu for existing apps is limited at present, that will not always be the case – and with a Wi-Fi enabled camera, you have a device that actually has the potential to become better than it was on the day that you bought it – and it won’t be too long until the applications are virtually unlimited.

If you recently purchased or are considering purchasing a camera that is not Wi-Fi capable, take heart.  You can always get a Wi-Fi Memory Card, like those from Eye Fi or Transcend, which will allow you to enjoy connectivity between your camera and smart device or to the internet (where a wi-fi network is present).  This is a great solution if you’re not yet ready to pull the trigger on a new, Wi-Fi camera.

Check Out the Sony NEX 5R Here


Mike guitar says:

Nice review !

adorable3006 says:

Hey there, have you come across “photo SFX art” (search on Google for it)? There you will find a nice free video featuring the best way to take fantastic photos. It made it easier for Daniel to create photographs that have that jaw-dropping-effect any time you look at them. I hope it will help you too…

scampifingers says:

up to 50yrds

kairkz says:

is this only for 5R? what about NEX-6 where it is more needed )

say hau says:

canon eos dslr has this feature so the nex isn’t the first really

tookonthel says:


Thomas Simpson says:

Can you use the app for long exposures in bulb mode?

therichreports says:

Go Pro did it first and you can snap a photo or start video even change all the Go Pro Settings. I was hoping this would do the same. but all is not lost at least you can use your phone as a monitor to self video and get the regular remote to start the video

mentalabsence says:

300m if nothing in the way!

waslater says:

No pairing is necessary, just create the account and download the apps directly over a wifi connection. In the alternative, you can “side load” them from a computer if you choose to.

ffpcy says:

Is the smart remote app free?

karlginno says:

Mabuhay ate! 🙂 ive seen your comments in videos and you seem really excited about the 5R. As for me, I preordered the NEX 6. i live here in Australia and the online store I contacted said stocks will arrive here nov 12. no idea about the release date in the philippines. gonna use it for my vacation there this december!

dharmaone77 says:

Any idea of the range via wifi?

Nezir Teke says:

Does the remote control app allow the phone to select focus points?

Predescu Laurentiu says:


no Timelapse App ? can you check for it in the store ?

many thanks.

MrMagicxyz says:

Can you do tethering with Cellphones? that could lead to Geo Tagging. if you have the app!!

MrMagicxyz says:

As of my knowledge Sony has always try to monopolize the market in all arena. (Sony Memory Stick, DSLR lenses, now with playMemories). I think if Sony wants to create a nice base off this camera apps gen then it would be good to let people program the FREE apps just like Apple/Android markets. Sony should only worry about Hardware and FW. The Open Development would bring more business to Sony then MONOPOLY. (I have pre-order NEX-5R)

AirCamPhotography says:

Can the powerzoom of the 16-50mm lens be operated via wifi?

TheDigitalDigest says:

Yes. Thanks for watching!

TheDigitalDigest says:

Sony has the ability to change functionality through software updates. This app will evolve over time. This is the first camera, that will benefit from OTA type updating if Sony delivers on their promise. The remote apps main function is for still imaging and I agree that more can be done but this is a good start. Thanks for watching!

FlyLifeFilms says:

NO Video record button in the live preview! Fail! Yes sony was the first to bring this capability but Canon will perfect it with their EOS remote app for the upcoming canon 6d. That app has all the funtionality of the cam as well as trigger video remotely

Azariah Zemariam says:

Are you abel to create an ad-hoc network as well?

Michael Molli says:

Hi, have you noticed any differences in using the touch screen, compared to the NEX-5N? Also it would be interesting to hear about your impressions in regard to the Hybrid AF. Thanks

TheDigitalDigest says:

Wish I could help but Sony is better suited to answer that question. Good luck and thanks for watching!

TheDigitalDigest says:

Agreed. This seems to just be the beginning especially since Sony has a majority ownership in Olympus now. Really looking forward to the NEX-6 and whatever replaces my beloved NEX-7. Thanks for watching!

TheDigitalDigest says:

Thanks for watching as usual!

Hazel Lyn Mallare says:

Will this camera ever get to the Philippines? I asked the Twitter account of Sony Philippines and they seem clueless about this product.

bmw2go11 says:

sexy camera

chrsjmdr says:

Another quality review thank you

blurayffan66 says:

Very cool- Sony are doing some amazing things with their cameras lately.

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