Sony NEX 6 hands on with Video Test

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This hands-on look at the Sony NEX 6 by Matt from PhotoNewsReviews includes image samples and side by side comparison to NEX 5 and NEX 7.

The NEX 6 squeezes in between new NEX 5R (but adds an EVF and dedicated mode dial that the 5R does not have) and the highly celebrated NEX 7, and actually is a lot like the 7. In fact, it’s almost identical in size and configuration, but the main difference is that the NEX 7 has a 24 mp sensor while the NEX 6 has a 16 mp sensor (and also adds with WiFi). For 99% of the people, the sensor size won’t make one bit of difference as that 16 mp Sony sensor is MORE than powerful enough for just about any job.

Matt points out that the flash on the NEX 7 is a little more substantial then the one on the 6, but it’s important to note that in the mirrorless camera world, flash is becoming less and less important due to their great performance in low light. The NEX 6 also sports a standard size hot shoe, so if you really wanted to use a good flash, you would have a ton of options. Of course, the NEX 6 also has Wi-Fi capabilities that the NEX 7 does not.

Here’s Matt’s video test of the NEX 6 (below). It looks pretty good, notwithstanding YouTube compression and spotty lighting conditions. Sony makes GREAT SENSORS that produce stunning, high quality images and video. Be forewarned though, if video is the main reason you’re considering this camera, you should know that the NEX lineup have had sensor overheating issues in the past. Sony may have addressed this with the new NEX 5R and 6, but the jury’s still out at this point.

Verdict: The NEX 6 looks like a great camera, and if we had to pick between it and the 7 at this point, we’d probably go with the 6 (assuming that it will test out well once it gets into the hands of real photographers – it IS new, ya know). Don’t get us wrong, the 7 is one of our favorite mirrorless cameras, but with the 6, you’ll save a few hundred bucks that you can invest in some lenses and you’ll be getting newer technology + Wi-Fi and a standard Hot Shoe.

The NEX 6 and 7 are shown below. If they’re a little out of your budget, you might also want to check out the new NEX 5R (Wi-Fi but no EVF).


Superbustr says:

Is having a touchscreen really going to make better photos for you?

223ramirez says:

hou do you get the black lens on the sony nex5r

igetsmart says:

thanks for quick review – would be nice to see you do a more complete review later on the NEX6 – and also how it compares with the Olympus OMD – looks like Sony is just cranking out some super super cameras lately – and thanx to Sony for example that the Nikon D7000 is as good as it is at is has a Sony sensor – but Nikon is also producing super cameras like the D800 and D600 and for less money the D7000 – the best DSLRs for the money

BarnET0 says:

they all have electronic viewfinders. its like having a small high res lcd screen in an box.
it shows you what you capture very well however it’s slow in changing light conditions

blazednsleepy says:

Yup. But no touchscreen. =/

treepizzle says:

Is this the same exact sensor as the 5N?

GrandLaocoon says:

Could you tell us the speed of new the hybrid AF system?
How fast is it compare to other cameras like OM-D or DSLRs.

thany3 says:

I wonder if these MILCs will ever have proper OVFs… Probably not, needs a mirror of some kind, right?

TheRicky0618 says:

So tell us MATT how do you compare the HIGH ISO from NEX 6 vs FUJIfilm X-E1? which one is better? How the focus compare? Please… Thank you!!!!!

Gualberto Matos says:


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