Sony NEX-6: Into Alaska – behind the scenes

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To launch the new Sony NEX-6, two photographers, Luca Rossini and Mike Palmieri, were recruited to participate in a photography assignment in the wilderness of Kodiak, Alaska. Their challenge was to capture the best photo of the trip, and they were asked to travel with only a single carry-on bag each for all their gear, clothing, etc. Along the way they fully tested the capabilities of the NEX-6, and the experience was documented in a short promotional film called “Into Alaska” (Watch it >>HERE<<). All videos were shot entirely on NEX system cameras.

This behind the scenes video features more background on the adventure, interviews with Luca and Mike, and insight into how they used the NEX-6 on the trip.

In addition to the promotional video and this behind the scenes video, you may also find an additional video interview with Mike on using the NEX-6 for portrait photography called “In the Moment” (Watch it >>HERE<<).

The Sony NEX series of cameras are among the smaller cameras in the mirrorless realm (depending on which lens you choose), and those powerful Sony sensors pop out STUNNING, HIGH QUALITY IMAGES and HD VIDEO that will rival (or even surpass) ANY DSLR.

The new Sony NEX 6 fits snugly in the lineup between the new NEX 5R and the top of the line NEX 7 – both of which are renowned for their outstanding image quality.

The NEX 6 is a lot like the 7, in fact, it’s almost identical in size and configuration, but the main difference is that the NEX 7 has a 24 mp sensor while the NEX 6 has a 16 mp sensor. For 99% of the people, this won’t make one bit of difference as that 16 mp Sony sensor is MORE than powerful enough for just about any job. The NEX 6 also sports a standard size hot shoe and Wi-Fi capabilities that the NEX 7 does not. These are both GREAT cameras, and if we had to pick between the two at this point, we’d probably go with the 6 (assuming that it will test out well once it gets into the hands of real photographers – it IS new, ya know). Don’t get us wrong, the 7 is one of our favorite mirrorless cameras, but with the 6, you’ll save a few hundred bucks and pick up newer technology. Of course, the NEX 9 is expected to be launched soon, but that’s another story…

The NEX 6 and 7 are shown below. If they’re a little out of your budget, you might also want to check out the new NEX 5R (Wi-Fi but no EVF) or one of the new Olympus PEN Cameras (the Lite and Mini) that also sport 16 mp Sony sensors (the same one that’s used in the highly celebrated OM-D E-M5, which ROOOOCKS!) and are Wi-Fi Capable with the bundled Toshiba Air Cards.


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