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CameraLabs posted their review of the Sony NEX 6, which was released in the autumn of 2012 and has received wide critical acclaim.  In fact, the NEX 6 was one of our favorite cameras of the year.  But how will it meet with CameraLabs’ standards?

Here’s CameraLabs’ Final Verdict on the Sony NEX-6

The Sony NEX-6 is a pretty remarkable camera. Though it isn’t the flagship NEX model, I can quickly see it overtaking the NEX-7 in popularity at the top end of the NEX range. There are those for whom anything less than 24 Megapixels just won’t do and who love the control that three-dial operation provides, but, beyond a tougher body, mic input and a few other refinements there’s little else to justify the higher cost of the NEX-7. Give up those headline features and, for less money, you not only get the benefit of improvements including hybrid AF, a standard hotshoe that also accepts Sony accessories, a wider ISO range and improved handling, but the promise of future feature additions and enhancements via downloadable apps, not forgetting the other benefits of a networked camera like remote operation and picture sharing.

Of the currently available apps some, like Multi Frame Noise reduction, Timelapse and Cimematic photo truly extend the camera’s capabilities. Others like Direct Upload and Smart Remote are little more than proof-of-concept apps, but the potential is there to provide much more. Having kicked things off with, effectively, the first app store for a serious camera, the question is can Sony keep ahead of the game as other manufacturers follow suit? For now at least, though, the Sony NEX-6 is the best connected compact system camera on the market and the only one with open-ended potential to develop and improve beyond what you initially paid for. That’s a very attractive prospect and one which, in addition to Cameralabs’ Highly Recommended award will, I’m certain, gain the NEX-6 a huge following.  (Read full review on CameraLabs)

Good points

  • Hybrid AF with phase and contrast detect.
  • 2.3 million dot EVF.
  • 10fps burst mode with continuous AF.
  • Wi-Fi enabled with picture sharing, remote control and downloadable apps.
  • Compact lightweight powered kit zoom.

Bad points

  • Lack of touch screen.
  • Poor AF performance in low light.
  • Movie button difficult to press and not programmable.
(relative to 2013 system cameras)
The Sony NEX 6 received CameraLabs’ Highly Recommended Status
Build quality:
Image quality:
17 / 20
17 / 20
18 / 20
18 / 20
17 / 2087%

My 2 Cents

In my opinion, the Sony NEX 6 is the best camera in the NEX lineup and wholly deserves all the accolades it is receiving.  Though it’s 16mp sensor is smaller than the flagship NEX 7’s 24mp sensor, it delivers, and when you couple the NEX 6’s stellar image quality with it’s new hybrid AF and wi-fi functionality that’s only going to get better with time, you can easily see why this camera has so many people forgetting about the 7.  Right now, the biggest drawback of the NEX lineup is the lack of quality native lenses, but Sony promise that more and better lenses are on the horizon.

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