Sony NEX 6 vs Sony NEX 7 Hands On Comparison

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Matt Granger from PhotoNewsReviews provides us with this exceptional side-by-side comparison of the Sony NEX 7, the flagship of the NEX lineup, and one of the new kids on the block, the Sony NEX 6.

At a glance, the two cameras are very similar in appearance as the NEX 6 borrows most of it’s styling cues from the NEX 7.  They’re both the same approximate size and each have a touch screen and the same excellent built in EVF, but the NEX 7’s tri-nav dial system is replaced by a single nav dial and a mode dial on the 6.

Under the hood, the NEX 7 features a 24mp CMOS Sensor while the NEX 6’s sensor is only 16mp.  This would seem like and advantage for the flagship, but Sony somehow seem to get a lot more performance out of the 16mp sensor on the NEX 6.  Rounding out the features comparison, the NEX 6 is also equipped with Sony’s new Hybrid Autofocus system, a standard hotshoe and Sony’s new Wi-Fi and app system.  The most glaring omission of features from the 7 that was left off of the 6 is a microphone input jack.


These are both phenomenal cameras, but if forced to choose between the two, I would have to agree with Matt – the NEX 6 is the way to go.  The NEX 7 remains Sony’s flagship of the lineup…  for now.  But while the NEX 6 technically fills a spot between the 7 and the new Sony NEX 5R, with it’s new Hybrid AF, Wi-Fi and app systems, the NEX 6 is currently the most advanced NEX camera to date.

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