Sony NEX-6 – Which? first look

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Which? takes a first look at the new SONY NEX 6, the new addition to the NEX lineup that sits right between the new NEX 5R and the high end NEX 7. The NEX 6 is very similar to the NEX 7 except that it has Wi-Fi capabilities and a 16 megapixel processor vs the 24 megapixel processor on the NEX 7. That being said however, it should still produce stunning quality images and video as the older NEX models like the 5N are renowned for their quality. It will be interesting to see if SONY have found a solution the overheating issues that the NEX line have had in video mode (sensor can overheat and shut off the camera after about 5 to 15 minutes of video shooting, depending on ambient temperature). One of the other limitations to the NEX lineup has been the lack of available Lenses, but SONY have released several new E Mount Lenses at this year’s Photokina, so that’s good news for fans of the NEX lineup!

Check out the new NEX line below. The NEX 5R and 6 are both Wi-Fi capable, but the 5R does not have an electronic viewfinder. You may also want to take a look at the NEX 5N as the prices are now falling with the release of the 5R and 6.


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