Sony NEX-7 Hands-On Field Test

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Sony Canada graciously lent the Camera Store their mirrorless crown jewel, the NEX-7, to test for some nitty-gritty street shooting. We take a look at the images, some video, and the cool features on this 24 megapixel pocket rocket! See this mirrorless gem being put through it’s paces.

>>CLICK HERE<< for additional reviews of the NEX 7 and other SONY Mirrorless camera systems.


heeeeyyyytori says:

Is this the newest?

howieleem says:

Amusing and good info. The bad guy (Ryan ?) at 2:50, with a knowledge of new Sony cameras, makes me laugh every time.

RETICS1 says:

good video guys

khurramjak88 says:

Waiting for the review of CANON 1dx 🙂

leathoforganicplasti says:

SONY SUCKS ASS!!! C:32:11 made it FAMOUS!

TheCameraStoreTV says:

Of course! Just check on our channel page or search for it.
Jordan @ The Camera Store TV

snowhite1qazse4 says:

Hi do you have a review on Panasonic GX1?

TheCameraStoreTV says:

The Zeiss 24mm F1.8 is a killer street shooter lens if you want a good 35mm equivalent. The Sony 50mm F1.8 is a great option for a short telephoto portrait lens. That’s be my take.
Jordan @ The Camera Store TV

evilharb says:

I got to check this camera out recently – looks amazing – would love to take one on a walk around London and try some street photography – can you possibly recommend a couple of extra lenses to get at purchase for street shots?

atiqsau2 says:

Hey, do you know “PhotoSFXart” (just do a Google search for it…)? On their website you can watch a good free video demonstrating the way to make impressive photographs. It made it possible for Joe to make photos which have that jaw-dropping-effect whenever you look at them. I hope it works for you also…

Nicolas Larrea says:

Nice review this indeed seems like a nice street camera 🙂 very impressive, but still going to stick with my canon 600d for little longer. I feel a small fullframe style Nex-7 would be an instant smash hit. I would switch in a second

TheCameraStoreTV says:

Nope, that’s Dave Paul, a TCS staff member and one of our favourite co-hosts. You can see him at his best in the Panasonic G3 vs Nikon 1, and HS20 vs DSLR videos.
Jordan @ The Camera Store TV

Meshwork123 says:

Isn’t that bodyguard one of the Fuji blokes?

media1981 says:

Hey is that new NEX-7? (bodyguard takes him away) xD

qwerty23lp1 says:

Dave nice job:)


what about focus dude, is it a manual or auto?

SubieFlat4 says:

How do you think this camera compares to the 5D Mark II & III in low iso conditions? I know higher iso the full frame would come out sharper. But I’m really more concern of the detail quality compared to a full frame dslr.

SweetHubby82 says:

compare with the mirror, it isn’t

tita0980 says:

Hey there, have you heard about “MagicSFXphoto” (google it)? On their website you can watch a smart free video featuring the right way to shoot impressive photos. This made it easier for Joe to take photos that have that jaw-dropping-effect when you look at them. Hopefully it works for you also…

kizomba power says:

wowww!i love the quality of images of this camera :)! Have you tried Time-Lapse Photography with it? you can do it with this little gizmo, Check the website:

curseknight5 says:

help! i do not understand what is the difference between this and maybe dslr’s like 600d… just that one has a mirror for optical viewfinders….. does picture quality change at all? I still want to take great profressional looking pictures but i don’t want to invest wrong… i like compact a lot.

Vicko Seno Saden says:

Your bodyguard like a bad guy.

G0ggy says:

Your opinion is based on what? It’s one of the clearest and most accurate I’ve used.

pedrinhocurio says:


xjoncamposx says:

Stay classy CameraStoreTvGuy, keep the cheesy humor out, you’re perfectly fine without it.

Renan Zoghaib says:

2:50 WTF????

TheCameraStoreTV says:

It’s the best built in EVF I’ve ever used. If there’s a better one out there, I haven’t seen it.

19Bokeh84 says:

The viewfinder on the nex7 isn’t that great…

arechigaa3 says:

I second that

MonkeySpecs301 says:

haaha, the imposter specifically asked “is that an nex 7″……:P

ProductionJunction1 says:

Dave isn’t funny. In fact, he ruins the video for me.

Nitro92k says:

sony nex 7 or canon 550D? can nex 7 produce DSLR quality as good as DSLR’s?

jamesnogra says:

LEA2 auto focuses right?

tsaixianfeng says:

they ARE selling things, you know?… if you don’t like it, go watch somewhere else… if you really want to get a 100% precise n complitelly acurate data, then go to the lab, not here…

Patrick Twohig says:

You wouldn’t need to be “kept safe” if you weren’t in the hood. LULZ

MegatronAngel says:

I agree with him! Shame on you. This video like most of your others, is seemingly only plug for the manufacturers you like or that pay you (with free gear or cash). For example you call this 7 a “very high-end very professional” camera but it’s not! It’s not even close to a pro body. There are no seals, and it’s built like a semi-HQ plastic toy. It feels like it too.

Videos like this one might sell cameras but it’s technically lying to say these things and very misleading for consumers!

migsicangco1 says:

i just ordered the nex 7 with the 18-55 kit lens. many people say that i should get a better lens for it since that lens wont bring out the maximum potential of the camera. i still have time to cancel my order and may get just the body and get a separate lens atleast the zeiss. what is your expert opinion about this? help!

TheCameraStoreTV says:

This was shot on the Panasonic AF100, with the Panasonic 25mm F1.4, 14-140 zoom, and a Nikon 35mm F1.4.
The video was adjusted on editing to bring down the contrast, as the light was very harsh that day.
Jordan @ The Camera Store TV

Andre Luis Alvarenga says:

Man, what was the camera brand and lenses you used to film this video? Nice quality. Did you use some post production filter or something like this?

vince villareal says:

sir wht camera did you use for your video?”

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