Sony NEX-7 Hands-on Review

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Kai and the gang from DigitalRevTV take the SONY NEX-7 ice-skating to find out how it fares in the real world.

>>CLICK HERE<< for additional reviews of the NEX 7 and other SONY Mirrorless camera systems.


pulsare21 says:

what about the sony a99 when is it coming out!!? 🙂

Brian Brinck Nielsen says:

Kai is better than Jim Carrey 🙂

お金 差し上げます says:

お金でお困りの方いらっしゃいませんか?いきなりの書き込み失礼致します。どなたかお金にお困りの方に現金5,000,000円をお譲りしたいと思っております。お困りの方のお力に少しでもなれればと思っております…。どなたか受け取ってはくれませんか?詳細等は、youtube内の動画検索で、【 お金差し上げます 】又は、【 五百万差し上げます 】で検索して頂ければ見て頂ける事ができます。どなた様でも構いません。ですが、書き込みが消えてしまう恐れがありますので、お早めのご連絡お待ちしております…

unoriginalname142541 says:

This was hilarious xD

NozomiKarina says:

I find the Sony NEX 5n marginally did better in terms of noise performance over the NEX 7. Still, both really good cameras!

cutenhette4real says:

haha… dont listen to Kai when he reviews any Sony products. he doesnt trust Sony and all its products so he will only focus on the weaknesses of the camera, and exagerrate it. LOL

ihopetowin says:

You’re an idiot……but you’re a charming funny idiot. 6:56.

alijanlondon says:

Stop doing a poor imitation of the BBC’s Click programme.

madcapfilmproduction says:

218 people are clearly new to digitalrev tv.

fert ismail says:

please get someone professional to review although i m not a fanboy of sony but this review is sick and useless point.

newbietuber99966 says:

8:56 I can hear the Alamby fanboys scream in protest

error415 says:

Buy a real camera and they might review it

error415 says:

Did he slap your mom after he screwed her? Tell her to swallow next time and she wont get hit

devilmaycry383 says:

Got this in the Jessops store I’m currently working at such a nice compact camera, the NEX-7 I’ve been yearning for a long time,. So when I save up I’m going to get me one in time for the Motorcycle Show =)

Can Ozmen says:

I wish Apple is a German or Scandinavian company.

TalonsTSI says:

5n is a great camera, but not comparable to nex7 on image quality.

TalonsTSI says:

Kai and the digitalrev team doesn’t seem to do many reviews on point and shoot cameras.
They tend to stick with DSLR or mirror less cameras and accessories.

TutuBELG says:

Sony is the best mirrorless camera company the olympus omd is also verry good but i would recommend a sony 5n with the evf because its sheaper than the nex 7

TGHstudio says:

it was funny for me, asshole!

Sam Power says:

he needed a penguin

Patrick Cines says:

Sony Nex-7 or Fujifilm x100??

EamonnDoylePhotoFilm says:

hehehehehe 1:43 Kai’s face on the LCD!!!!!

ladiesman903 says:


DailyDriver2011 says:



I gave you about a minute and then you just got irritating ….

roaddict4life says:

Ahh ok. Thank you!!!

ananmakal says:

you talk shit.

MaRcIu27 says:

the first one. long press almost 2 seconds I think and it locks. to unlock long press again.

roaddict4life says:

Wait, do you press it and it locks and press it again to unlock, or do you have to hold it while shooting to keep it locked? Or maybe holding it for 3 or so seconds and it will lock, and hold it again for another 3+ seconds and it will unlock?!

augustineko says:

a british asian guy? wtf?

kizomba power says:

wowww!i love the quality of images of this camera :)! Have you tried Time-Lapse Photography with it? you can do it with this little gizmo, Check the website:

ilikefastcars65 says:

I think Kai needs IS because of his lack of skill on the skates

AjitSeema says:

You are new to Digital Rev (Kai) so Fuckkkk Offfff Kid

MisterMasta says:

Afghanistan?! Are u mentally challenged? I’ll go on a wild guess and say you are from the US or UK and add to it that comments like that are the reason the majority of people think you are arrogant, ignorant and racist people. Cheers you dumb fuck.

monkeymaniac92 says:

Omg I can’t be the only one who had such a good laugh watching this

hobocamptheater says:

Sony hasn’t made anything that meets those specifications as the E-mount is a fairly new lens type (at least in comparison to say canon ef/ef-s or nikon mounts)
I believe Zeiss makes a really good 50mm but it’s around 2.5 grand and the 24-70 zoom lens you want hasn’t been made at all.
You can go looking around A-mount lenses and get the sony made adapter as it does keep electronic control of the lens (unlike cheaper adapters)
but there are no “native” E-mount lenses like the ones you want.

Nick Roquet says:

Wow, you really can’t be that bad on the ice, can you?! haha

AjitSeema says:

Are you from Afghanistan ??? fuck off you dick head

ileko92 says:

9:53 Holy dog that was one ridiculous fall !!

pinkeye00 says:

Twiddle bits.

MrMorghath says:

giving him a camera is like giving a monkey a AK47..anything could happen

emarati69 says:

Thumps up if you want to buy one

RicardoSS85 says:

Does anyone know what kind of high quality E-mount lenses do we have for this camera? Something like a 50mm equivalent and a 24-70mm zoom equivalent, with big apertures and strong overall performance? Cost not an issue… Thanks.

Isle0fRed says:

“Where’s my fucking PlayStation you cunt” “Sorry Mum”

MaRcIu27 says:

if you hold down the button next to shutter button it locks the settings so you don’t change them by accident 😉 thumbs up for new owners see!

assailant85 says:

love how the F**ks are beeped out with the focusing sound

mstbg says:

This review such!

SupernewtX says:

he is :)

RicardoSS85 says:

Charlie Chaplin, not Charley Chaplin.

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