Sony RX1 Hands On Test That I’m Allergic To

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Chris Niccolls and the gang from The Camera Store are back!  This time, it’s an in depth, hands on look at the Sony RX1 – The “World’s Smallest Full Frame Compact Digital Camera” that we picked as the top compact camera of 2012.

Chris and crew do an excellent job breaking down the good points as well as the not so good points of Sony’s compact powerhouse, putting it through it’s paces to see “if it’s worth the premium that Sony is charging.”  Then, they bring out the cats…   Oh God…  not Cats!  Ahhhhhhh-CHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ; )

My 2 Cents

The Sony RX1 is aimed squarely at the pro photographer or serious enthusiast who wants a second “go anywhere” system to take along while traveling or attending an event where a larger, interchangeable lens system just isn’t realistic. Sony got a lot right with this camera, from the quality of the materials that went into it to the quality of the images that come out of it. It’s pricey at about $2800 USD, and even more so when you consider the a ‘la carte options like an Electronic Viewfinder ($449.99), Metal Lens Hood ($179.99) or the thumb grip ($249.99) , and I think that Sony intend it to compete with the likes of the Leica M.  By packing that much pixel power into a compact body, Sony have a great achievement on their hands, and I can’t help but wonder if an interchangeable lens version is that far off… — SG

Check out the Sony RX1 Here. If it’s not in the budget, you might want to consider the Sony RX100 or Panasonic Lumix LX7 (tied for second best compacts of 2012).


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