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In this episode of of DigiDIRECT TV, Blunty tests the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 Full Frame Compact Digital Camera.  The Sony RX1 is the world’s first fixed-lens digital camera offering a full-frame sensor. This large 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor enables DSLR-quality imaging in a compact digital camera! –

Techie Gobbledygook and Specs

  • Full Frame 24MP CMOS Sensor
  • JPEG, 14-bit RAW Image Capture
  • 35mm f/2.0 Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* Lens
  • Xtra Fine 3″ LCD Display
  • Full HD 1080p Video at 25 or 50fps
  • High Speed AF as Fast as 0.13 Seconds
  • Dedicated Focus, Iris and Macro Rings
  • Hot Shoe for External Flash, Viewfinder
  • Auto HDR Protects Highlight and Shadow

My 2 Cents

Blunty is impressed with the Sony RX1, and rightfully so. The RX1 delivers BIG POWER in it’s small package (we named the RX1 Best Compact of 2012), but it also comes with a big price tag of $2,800 USD.

Is the RX1 worth the investment? If you’re a pro photographer or serious enthusiast with deep pockets who wants a “go anywhere” camera system without a lot of of fuss, then this may be the camera you’re looking for. Though it’s a bit on the pricey side, there’s no question that the RX1 does indeed deliver BIG RESULTS in both photo and video, and it’s top of the class in each department. It is the most expensive compact on the market, and even more so when you consider the a ‘la carte options like an Electronic Viewfinder ($449.99), Metal Lens Hood ($179.99) or the thumb grip ($249.99), but by packing that much pixel power into a compact body, Sony have a great achievement on their hands, and I can’t help but wonder if an interchangeable lens version is that far off… — SG

Check out the Sony RX1 Here


imagexphotography says:

can u review the sony nex with metabones speed booster and canon lenses ?

DigiDirectTV says:

” any comments about out-of-camera white balance/color…” I have serious doubts anyone who buys this camera will shoot in JPG only… with RAW in camera whitebalance etc are all irrelevant. if there was an issue with autofocus I’d have mentioned it

as for “negative” reviews… even on my personal channel I devote little time to producing content about stuff I’m not impressed by… I’d rather spend time on things that impassion me, & are worth owning. That personal choice carries over here.

mothaybabonnam says:

so the resolution and low light are great on the camera, but any comments about out-of-camera white balance/color, stills autofocus, and other photo performance?

also, will we see “negative” reviews of products or is that reserved for the private (i.e. non-commercial) channel?

Richa says:

I purchased this btaetry as a backup btaetry for my Sony NEX-5N camera. It came in legitimate packaging and is labeled a Sony NP-FW50 btaetry. However, once I put it in my camera the screen displayed an error message saying that the btaetry was not compatible with my camera. After further inspection and comparison of this btaetry with my original btaetry I now see many differences on the color and sticker design on the front and back of the btaetry. They say that they are the same model but clearly this item is a knock off and does not work with my camera. I guess I should have known by the very discounted price but then again I expected it to be as advertised. Very disappointed. I didn’t want to give this product any stars since it’s totally useless to me but I had to enter 1 star to post.

Dave Thompson says:

“NO DRUGS OR NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLOWED INSIDE!” << that's funny shit right there! I wish I had a couple grand to plop down on a camera like this...

matthew Cardinal says:

Onya blunty, you are a magician with words, waiting to see the next full frame interchangable lens from sony, but then the crops from this camera are amazing.

Peter Benner says:

They sell cameras, you can bet he can and will get to the X100S.

Marc Steen says:

Any plans for a review of the X100S if you can get your hands on one?

Alberto Restifo says:

Someone give a towel and some ice to Blunty! Awesome review as usual! 🙂

Guillermo Lovato says:

amazing product, unfortunately it has a full-on DSLR price instead of a compact camera price, looks kind of a more “niche product” for serious/pro shooters that can’t or don’t want to lug around the blunt size and mass of a big DSLR whilst retaining full-frame performance

janijtube says:

Lovely camera, but then I guess you get what you pay for. And in this case you therefore pay a lot… 🙁

Peter Benner says:

You should kill most of the in-camera adjustments that come with them, there are things that while the camera will do well, something like Photoshop or Lightroom will do better and with more freedom of choice to you.

Of course for this I’d strongly suggest shooting in RAW format as well, so you can then reduce noise (luminance slider in PS) and all your specific lighting adjustments (Active D-Lighting on Nikon should be also turned off), etc…

Peter Benner says:

Spider test shots give me the sweatsN’shakes.

NubeNegraTV says:

Btw. i have watched this vid like 7 time. I love your pics! when are you releasing your book?

NubeNegraTV says:

Lx7 went down like 20%. I love it too. Fully manual o video and i can use all my flashes. What do you think about it? For the price, i think it is worth a look at.

KiddsockTV says:

Impressive in a lil body. FLASH! LOL

SilentStormr says:

Keep making the awesome vids. Love em 🙂

Fr0styNinja says:

“HOLY MOLY!” lol. The camera is indeed an incredibly well put together piece and as always you did a lovely presentation of it’s possibilities.

AAHReviews says:

Beautiful camera… But my god is it expensive!!!! It is impressive though!

grazida0276 says:

Blunty how do you make me want more consumer level cameras when i have my own Canon dslr? Hahah you are a great reviewer Nate, keep up the great work 🙂

justin smith says:

I can’t afford any camera right now. I’m poor.
But! This video is worth watching just for the amazing photos you take, they are amazing!

guitargodslash89 says:

Nubenegratv u watch this? And you u have enough for an rx1?

NubeNegraTV says:

I tried it. Too slooooow. So i traded it for the rx100. Smaller faster. Where is the hot shie sony?

Leticia says:

Here is the simplest mteohd: 1. Connect your camera to your PC or place your compact flash, smart media or other memory card into a card reader connected to your PC 2. Turn on the camera. 3. In the dialog box that appears, click Import using Windows to copy pictures to your computer.Hope it helps.

nik r says:

Still not fully sure how g+ works 🙁 thanks mate

Chris Malikoff says:

Very nice review Nate. I’ve been a proud owner of an RX1 since December the 10th, and it continues to amaze. I don’t miss my Leica M8 or 5D Mark-II one little bit. Couple with an RX100, the two of them service all of my needs. Brilliantly! 🙂 Keep the videos coming – great work!

dominojordan3d says:

Sorry for my lack of clarity, don’t worry Sydneys weather isn’t agreeing with my rig either

DigiDirectTV says:

Depends on if you’ve got long exposure noise reduction turned on… didn’t I already explain this to you on the G+? O_o

ahumpedgoblin says:

Those rendering errors kinda get annoying.

nik r says:

Nate when doing a long exposure of say 10 seconds does it buffer for ten seconds after that?

DigiDirectTV says:

I have one in hand right now. Review & shoot-out vids to come on my main channel soonish.

DigiDirectTV says:

There are no dropped frames as far as I can see… but that glitching in the to-camera stuff I am aware of. Apologies for that, I suspect “old reliable” is developing a hatred for the heat.

dominojordan3d says:

Great video as always Blunty, not sure if it’s me but i think there’s a tonne of dropped frames, just a heads up.

ThaAmericanSocialist says:

Somewhat off topic but blunty you gonna do a review of sony’s new xperia z any time soon? 😮

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