Sony Throws Down the Gauntlet – Pledge to Make At Least 5 New NEX Lenses Per Year Starting in 2013!

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With their NEX Camera Lineup, it’s pretty much universally held that Sony are producing some of the best Compact System Cameras on the market (In the video above, Derek Yeo sings the praises of the Sony NEX-6 – the most advanced NEX camera to date and one of our favorite cameras of 2012).  The NEX Cameras are highly rated for image quality in both stills and video, and Sony’s Sensor Technology is so good that it’s being used by several other camera companies as well.  However, it’s also widely held (including in this space) that the biggest knock on the Sony NEX line is the lack of quality native (E-Mount) lenses, and of the ones that do exist, many are mediocre at best.  Now it seems that Sony are determined to erase that trend.

MirrorlessRumors is reporting that Sony are now committed to adding more lenses to the E-Mount lineup.

Sony have just posted an “E-mount roadmap” (below) and promises to release more than five new high quality E-mount lenses within 2013! That includes a new Zeiss and a new G lens! Sony also say that from now on you can expect a minimum of five new E-mount lenses to be launched every year.  Sounds Great!


My 2 Cents

This is indeed great news for the many fans of NEX Cameras. If Sony stick to this pledge, they will remove one of the major advantages that other mirrorless systems, such as micro 4/3, have over the NEX lineup.  Stay Tuned!

Check out the Sony NEX 6 Here


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