In the video above, Protog David Hobby takes us on an in depth feature by feature walkthrough of the Fuji X100s premium fixed lens compact camera.  The X100s features a second generation X-Trans II Sensor and EXRII Processing Technology that take the already excellent performance of Fuji’s X-Series cameras to new heights.  Indeed, the X100s is turning a lot of heads and is finding it’s way into the camera bags of many highly renowned photo pros. Buy the Fuji X100s on Amazon Here
Pro Photo Phenom David Hobby just put the following post up on Google + … “After just a few weeks with the new FujiFIlm X100s, it is already my favorite camera I have ever owned.” That’s high praise indeed from someone as renowned as David, who has no doubt handled hundreds of cameras over the years, and now he’s posted his in depth review on theStobist. Strobist FujiFilm X100s Review Highlights… “Reader’s Digest Version: It’s a remarkable, sync-at-any-speed camera with a no-apologies 16mp chip. I’ll probably make more pictures with this camera over the next year than all of my [More]
In the latest Edition of DigitalRevTV, Kai and crew set out to duplicate the Facebook profile photo of ProTog David Hobby. As is usually the case with the DRTV gang, this is all good fun – but creating a copy of your favorite photos can be a great way to learn lighting and photographic techniques. So challenge yourself this week.  Go pick out a photo that you like and try to duplicate it as best you can. When you finish, please post a link to your doppelganger masterpiece in the comments below – we’d love to see it!
A little entertainment for the New Year, courtesy of Kai Wong, Alamby and the DRTV Crew. In the DigitalRevTV season finale, Kai and Co. are back with their Pro Tog Cheap Camera Challenge.  This time, it’s  David “The Strobist” Hobby taking on the cheap camera challenge with a Buzz Lightyear camera and 3 Family Jewels Fuq 690 flashes. Kai and the gang give David 5 challenges, 5 locations, 5 subjects, and he has to shoot all of them with just the BLS (Buzz Lightyear special) and his own resourcefulness. In this challenge, David photographs: a snake master with an orgy [More]