MC Editor in Chief Scott Giorgini interviews Hybrid Photography Pioneer “Coach” Will Crockett about his latest projects in the world of Hybrid Photography, his upcoming appearance at the PMA Show in Las Vegas on Sunday, January 5th 2014, and what is coming in the future for Hybrid Photographers. The topic of Will’s presentation at the show will be “The Profitable eProduct” – and he’s got some really great stuff in the works!  Best of all, you don’t have to be at the show to see the presentation.  Just go to >> << on Sunday, January 14th 2014 at 6pm EST [More]
Suzette Allen (who is one of our colleagues over on is a highly talented and visionary photo and video pro who is blazing the trail into the new era of Hybrid Photography.  The video above is just another example of the Hybrid Projects that Suzette is creating.  Stay tuned, because Suzette and our team are now collaborating on more Hybrid Photography creations! By the way, the video above was shot with a Panasonic Lumix GX1 (with the Kit Lens), now only $449 USD on Amazon
Let’s face it folks.  Everywhere you look, there’s another person making a call on an iPhone or Android, or playing Angry Birds on an iPad or other tablet PC, and all those screens mean that BIG CHANGES are coming in the world of photography. All these smartphones and their cameras have all but obliterated the point and shoot digital camera market, and as powerful and sophisticated, yet easy to use mirrorless camera systems become more affordable and the technology built in to these systems continues to advance, another paradigm shift is about to occur. Whether you’re a pro photographer who [More]
Since the launch of this website, we’ve been telling you about the coming wave of Hybrid Photography that is about to revolutionize the photo and video industry, but even though a paradigm shift is about to occur that’s as big as the shift from film to digital, there are still a lot of people who are having a hard time wrapping their heads around what this shift will mean to them. Well, a few days ago we put up a post by Suzette Allen, a highly renowned (and incredibly talented) photographer and educator who is one of our colleagues on [More]
Marlene Hielema ( posted an excellent article on highlighting what she calls the “3 Essential Ingredients for Hybrid eProducts.” Marlene writes:  For great looking, easy to make and edit eProducts, you need to get everything right “in camera”. To shoot video you need to let go of the attitude that many inexperienced raw shooters take – the shoot-loose, auto-everything, fix-it-in-Lightroom mentality. The key is in the capture! There’s no room for error. If you can shoot perfect jpeg files now, then video capture will be a cinch for you. If you are new to video capture and want to [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett (, a pro photo and video ninja that we call “The Paul Revere of the Mirrorless Revolution”, and in this video, he shares a fantastic idea that illustrates just how the new era of Hybrid Photography is going to change the way photos…  and videos for that matter, are taken and delivered. Will writes:  Ready for a great idea on how to make a low cost, high perceived value hybrid eProduct that Moms will melt for? Suzette Allen and I have been cooking up ideas on how photographers can use hybrid imaging concepts with any camera [More]
MC Contributor and Photo/Video Ninja Will Crockett ( talks about “eProducts.”  This is the next generation of delivery for your photos and videos (and the fusion of the two), and as the digital age spreads farther and wider, you’ll see more and more people moving away from whipping out their old photo albums and whipping out their iPads, iPhones and facebook Pages instead. Will writes: As we all move into hybrid photography and add movement to our pictures, we will be creating eProducts more than we create printed products.  Well, jpegs cannot hold motion or sound so we’ll be using [More]