OK…  Let me say this right out of the gate.  The Sony A7 and Sony A7R are FANTASTIC Cameras!  If you’re a pro or advanced enthusiast photographer who demands the very best in image quality, and you have advanced photography/videography skills, then these full frame darlings may be just what you’re looking for.  They offer great value for the money and match up very well when compared to their DSLR counterparts (and we’re talking the very top end DSLRs), and if you pick one up, I’m very confident that you’re going to love it (if you want to know more [More]
(Video above shot by Gordon Laing of CameraLabs.com shows a test of the Canon EOS M’s autofocus while locking on to the ‘Canon’ logo of the 1D X DSLR – is this performance going to measure up to the competition?) Gordon Laing of CameraLabs.com got his hands on a Canon EOS M and posted his thoughts about the first mirrorless offering from Canon in his Hands On Preview. Here are Gordon’s final thoughts for now… Canon is the last of the big names to launch a mirror-less system camera with the EOS M coming a considerable four years after Panasonic [More]
In the video above, Pro Photographer Gordon Laing talks about the beauty of traveling light (read Original Post).  As the editor at CameraLabs.com, Gordon has his choice of virtually any camera in the world with which to travel, but recently he’s become a fan of Micro 4/3 Mirrorless cameras due to their small size, abundance of features, high image quality and great lens selection.  But can a guy who’s carrying around a small camera that’s barely bigger than an iPhone really be taken seriously?  On a recent trip to Antelope Canyon, Gordon finds out the hard way that some people [More]
Trey Ratcliff (StuckInCustoms.com) is a highly renowned (and incredibly talented) Pro-Photo Guru  who hosts his Google + Hangout / Variety Hour.   Episode #56, which was recorded last night, is all about Micro 4/3 Camera’s and Lenses, and it features MC Creator Scott Giorgini and Contributor Giulio Sciorio.  The boys join in the discussion with Pro-togs Gordon Laing, Amy “Dang Rabbitt”, Dave Veffer and Peter Tsai. Find out all about their favorite cameras and lenses, and what’s coming down the road for Micro 4/3. Special thanks to Trey for inviting us to take part in the Variety Hour.  It was [More]