Ever wondered how to capture those cool, “extreme” looking skateboard, snowboard bmx bike, etc. shots?  Here are some tips and insights from seven top skateboard shooters that can be applied to any extreme sport, or even not so extreme sports – like your kids jumping into the pool or on a trampoline.  — Enjoy! (Source – PictureCorrect.com) 1.  Jon Humphries (Video at Top) – Humphries has a unique ability to freeze the skaters mid-action as they display all the grace of a ballet dancer and the grit of an extreme athlete.  Much of Humphries work is in black and white, [More]
IndyMogul’s Griffin Hammond returns with another production tutorial, this time focusing on Real Estate Films. The meat of the content begins at about the 1:35 mark in the video, and Griffin covers many aspects of Freelance Videography, including the equipment he uses, shooting techniques, editing, music and how much to charge. This is an excellent resource for those aspiring to become a freelance videographer (You can also watch Griffin’s Tutorial on shooting Wedding Films Here) Within the body of this video, Griffin hits on one of the main reasons why I personally chose to use Panasonic cameras to produce my [More]
Griffin Hammond of Indy Mogul discusses the basics of wedding videography, from how to get your first gig, through what equipment you’ll need, how to set up your shots and how to tell a story with your video. This is an excellent peek behind the curtain for any filmmaker, but especially for those aspiring to get into the lucrative wedding industry. Griffin’s camera and gear set up is excellent.  You can’t go wrong with a Panasonic Lumix GH3 or Panasonic Lumix GH2 for shooting video.  Griffin also uses a GoPro Hero2 in the video.  This is an excellent choice for [More]
A few weeks ago, we posted a video by Chad Bredahl (aka KrotoFlik) with detailed instructions on how to build a DIY Jib Crane/Shoulder Rig he has developed called the RotoRig.  I think it’s one of the best DIY Jib’s that I’ve seen and apparently, a lot of people agree as the response to his video has been off the charts – so much so that Chad has now posted a Q&A follow up video (above) that we wanted to share with our readers who are interested in building a RotoRig of their own. Go To RotoRig Tutorial Video
David Thorpe posted a great video walk-through demonstrating how to tether the Panasonic Lumix GH3 to an iOS or Android device via Wi-Fi and the Free Panasonic Lumix Link App. We have not tried out the Lumix Link App with Android Devices as of yet, but in our testing the wireless connection has worked extremely between the GH3 and an iPad or iPhone, allowing you to control several of the the camera’s functions using that device.  The Lumix Link App does so much (and so well) that you can sometimes find yourself forgetting that this is first generation technology.  I [More]
Whether you’re an aspiring photographer/filmmaker or a seasoned pro, you know that one of the biggest truths about the photo/video industry is that those who get involved by and large have a passion for their craft.  A passion for creation that helps them to bring their images to life.  Of course, after going around pricing up all the cameras, lenses and gear that you want, a second major truth becomes apparent…  Photography and Filmmaking can be expensive (especially if you’re starting out from scratch), but they don’t have to be… How To Start Your Photo/Video Business on a Budget Once [More]
Star trails make for some of the most beautiful, and cool looking photos that almost surreal look – and PictureCorrect.com have posted this excellent tutorial by photographer, instructor, and author Tony Northrup, who shares with us the basics of creating beautiful star trail images. All you need to photograph star trails (besides your camera, lens and tripod) is knowing the right technique, and having a bit of patience. How To Shoot Stars and the Night Sky What you need for your camera: A steady tripod (These MeFoto Tripods are awesome!). It’s good to have a bubble level, that you can put [More]
About a week ago, I ran across a video (above) by Chad Bredahl (aka KrotoFlik – He’s got lots of cool DIY videos posted, so definitely subscribe to his YT Channel) in which he gave a short demo of a new DIY Jib Crane/Shoulder Rig he had developed called the RotoRig, which has to be one of the best DIY Jib’s that I’ve seen. Chad has now posted the “How To Build a RotoRig” video (below), as well as a parts list and drilling diagram that we’ll share here.  Enjoy! Drill Hole Diagram Download (Click image for Chad’s updated, downloadable [More]
(Via 43Rumors)  Here’s a great set up tutorial video for users of the Panasonic Lumix LX7 Compact Camera, courtesy of mpgxsvcd on YouTube.  This video is pretty thorough, so I’d recommend watching it all the way through once to get an idea of what’s being covered, then go back and watch it again, this time pausing while playing around with your camera’s settings. mpgxsvcd writes The Panasonic LX7 is one of the greatest compact cameras ever created, and yet it has been on sale for as little as $270 [prior to Christmas]. This video will attempt to show you how [More]
MC Contributor and Street Photography Ninja Giulio Sciorio (SmallCameraBigPicture.com and DiscoverMirrorless.com) is back after finishing off 2012 with a bang!  Today, the G-man talks about the importance of “getting it right in the camera.” Giulio writes… Getting It Right In Camera Is Easy Talk to any photographer long enough and the topic of getting the image “right in the camera” will come up. To many shooters, getting it right in the camera can seem like a pretty challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. To me, ”getting it right in the camera” means that when I capture an image, I [More]
Kai, Alamby and the DRTV crew are back, this time for part III of their “Stuck at Home” video series. In this video, DRTV takes a camera and a lens…but they never mount the lens on the camera. “Freelensing is all about holding the lens in front of the camera for some bokehlicious fun. But just what are the results like and how do you do it?” Consider this an open thread…
(Via PictureCorrect) Here’s an easy to follow video tutorial by photographer Ben Canales (video above) that helps to take out a lot of the guesswork when it comes to proper exposure for shooting the night sky. Canales goes over a couple different cameras and what you can expect of them, and although he’s using DSLRs in his tutorial, you can apply the same principles when using your mirrorless system. If you’ve been meaning to learn about this fascinating photography genre, this is a great place to start. From PictureCorrect:  Canales instructs us to take a variety of sample shots to [More]
Kai, Alamby, Lok C and the gang from DigitalRevTV are at it again, this time “worshipping at the Temple of Apple” and having some fun with long exposure photos. DRTV writes:  As it’s the season of doing long exposures (if you’re out shooting christmas light and fireworks), here are some ideas that you might want to try out during this festive season and beyond! Consider this an open thread…
Light Painting is a cool technique where the photographer/artist shoots in the dark with the shutter wide open and manipulates the image by either using several multicolored, moving light sources or moving the camera to produce effects like the ones in the picture below (Behind the Scenes video above). DIYPhotography posted a great article showing several behind the scenes light painting projects by Photographer and light artist Vincent Bruno, who takes a 15 seconds time lapse BTS of every light painting that he does so you can learn and light paint like a true ninja. Here are a few more [More]
Can you really light an interview for $26 USD?  DIYPhotography posted a great video about how to set up 3 point interview lighting on the cheap (above).  While it’s not something you’d want to do for a professional job, it is a great option for someone who’s just starting out and working on a tight budget.  It will also give you the opportunity to learn how to stage your lighting for different circumstances. Here’s another video from SRLounge for even more inspiration. For a more Professional Option Check a great and inexpensive studio lighting kit from ePhoto Here
Adobe Photoshop CS (whichever version you have) is one of the most powerful, yet complex pieces of software in existence for photo and video editing, graphic design, etc.  I’ve been using Photoshop now for over 10 years, and I still feeli like I’m only scratching the surface of what this program can do. Enter Lynda.com – an amazing website where you can go for tutorials on just about any piece of software or application that you can imagine as well as creative and business skills. The tutorial above is an example of the excellent materials you can find on their [More]
DIYPhotography.net posted a great article that gives a super-detailed behind the scenes look at how Epochs – the awesome Stop Motion Film above, was shot. DIYPhoto Reports:  Hawaii based photographer Sean Goebel shot Epochs, a spectacular time lapse piece over 11 months and 4 states. Interestingly enough, a lot of the tracking gear he used was home made and lots of the “pro” gear borrowed. Just goes to show that talent and dedication trumps budget anytime. Sean was king enough to share the complete super-detailed making of Epochs, including gear lists, locations, challanges and a lost-in-a-desert with a dying flash [More]
PictureCorrect posted a great article on How To Photograph Christmas Lights (the video above is a short tutorial on the same subject from Howcast).  Great tips for those who want to capture the beauty and magic of the Christmas Season! Here’s some bullet points from PictureCorrect’s article: The best time to photograph outdoor holiday lights is after the sun goes down but before it is totally dark. During that time period, there is still a touch of ambient light in the atmosphere. Yet it is dark enough so that the lights will not look dull or become overpowered by daylight. [More]
(From PetaPixel):  Video above is a time-lapse video produced by Photo-editing wizard Corey Barker of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, who wanted a photo of his house decorated with Christmas lights but didn’t feel like going through the hassle of physically putting up the decoration.  So he decked his halls virtually… in Photoshop.  All the colorful lights and decorations you see above were ‘shopped in’. Even if you can tell that it’s a ‘shop job, could you tell that it started out as an ordinary photograph shot during the day? Here’s the original photograph Barker started with: If you want [More]
Can you really put together a workable video slider dolly for less than $6.00 USD? In this short video, our good friend and MC Contributor Rob Domaschuk (ShootHybrid.com), who we sometimes call “The McGyver of the Photography World”,  shows you exactly how he put together a great tabletop video slider dolly in about 10 minutes with $6 worth of PVC and a few items that that he had lying around the house (and that you probably lying around your house too). By using a dolly like this, you can smooth movement in your videos with your mirrorless camera. These sequences [More]
(From PetaPixel)   While in High School, photographer Devon Mikale created a lengthy manual for his newspaper class to help others learn how to get started in Photoshop. The high school’s faculty loved it so much that they ended up purchasing it for re-distribution in future classes. Mikale has graciously allowed us to publish the guide here for free. There’s a lot of images and information, but if you’re just getting started and have been overwhelmed by all the different things you need to learn, this guide will walk you through the fundamentals. If you’d like a copy to print out [More]
DIYPhotography Posted this video on creating smoke effects in photos by French Photog Wen-Jié Yang – Yeah, that’s right…  The video is in French, but it’s so cool that it’s DEFINITELY worth reading the subtitles. DIYPhotography writes:  One of the nicer and less common effects we see in light painting is thesmoke effect. Despite of its relative rareness, it is really quite easy to make, as light painter Wen-Jié Yang demonstrates in the video above. As always with Wen-Jie, this is a fast paced, French speaking clip, but well worth going through the subtitles.. Two quick comments: 1. What Wen-Jie [More]
Suzette Allen is a highly renowned (and incredibly talented) photographer and educator who is now one of our colleagues on DiscoverMirrorless.com, and she just put up a great post on How To Edit Your Video Clips in Lightroom 4. Suzette writes:  Use Lightroom to trim your video clips. It’s fast and easy. Need more than one clip from a single video file, just press Ctrl/Cmd + ‘ (apostrophe) to make a virtual copy and trim out your additional clip. To see Jasmine’s entire show >>CLICK HERE<< Music for the show from Triple Scoop Music (Read Article and see more from [More]
Mirrorless Central proudly welcomes award winning photographer Giulio Sciorio, of SmallCameraBigPicture.com, to our lineup of official contributors. Giulio is a true pioneer in the mirrorless movement, and a year ago he ditched his big, bulky Canon DSRL gear and now shoots exclusively with mirrorless cameras – an Olympus OM-D E-M5, an Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1, and more recently, he’s been working a Fuji X-Pro1 into the mix. Read more about Giulio on our Contributors Page. In this in depth video “Pimp Yo PEN”, Giulio shows you how to pimp out your Olympus Pen with some stylish accessories. If you don’t [More]