Which? is at Photokina 2012, and take a look at the new Olympus E-PL5 (aka PEN Lite). It’s the most recent upgrade from the E-PL3 and it has some new interesting features including a touch screen and new processor. The PEN Lite and it’s sister camera, the PEN Mini (E-PM2) share the same sensor as Olympus’ flagship camera in their Micro 43 lineup, the OM-D E-M5, so these new cameras promise to produce superb quality photo AND HD Video! Check out the new Olympus PEN Lite (E-PL5) and Mini (E-PM2) Cameras below:
Here’s a quick look at the new Olympus PEN E-PL5. Olympus says >> You love being creative, but you also demand superior image quality and uncompromising performance. The PEN E-PL5 is perfect. Shoot images with stunning detail and vivid color thanks to a powerful tandem of a sizeable 16 MP Live MOS Sensor and our TruePic VI™ image processing engine. Technology like an AF Illuminator and an ISO with speeds that hit 25600 capture crisp, clear shots in low light. Everything is fast on the PEN E-PL5 from the exceedingly responsive touch screen to 8 fps sequential shooting. Nourish your [More]
The guys from DigitalCameraInfo.com are at Photokina in Cologne, Germany and they’re checking out all the latest cameras and gear. Here’s their first look at the brand new Olympus E-PL5, one of two new PEM cameras launched by Olympus that share the same sensor as the highly acclaimed OM-D E-M5. Check out the new Olympus PEN Lite (E-PL5) and Mini (E-PM2) Cameras below:
With all the attention paid to Canon and Nikon DSLRs that shoot video, the average consumer tends to forget that Panasonic has its own line of Micro Four Thirds cameras with strong video credentials. And that’s exactly where the new Lumix GH3 comes into play. The GH3 is the successor to the Lumix GH2, which—thanks to its solid video controls and smooth continual autofocus—was (and still is) a favorite camera among videophiles. With the GH3, however, Panasonic went ahead and crammed in even more video functions to entice budding filmmakers, and these new functions come in the form of bar-setting [More]
Will Crockett of DiscoverMirrorless.com hosts an interactive conversation between experts from Panasonic, Manfrotto Lighting and fellow Photogs Frederick Van Johnson of ThisWeekInPhoto.com and Giulio Sciorio of SmallCameraBigPicture.com as they discuss a new frontier in Photography that we may be currently witnessing… the birth of “Hybrid Imaging.” With the release of the Panasonic Lumix GH3, we are seeing the advent of a new breed of powerful, mirrorless cameras that are giving large full frame DSLRs a run for their money with superb image quality in still photos, while offering superior quality HD Video with a range of new capabilities. The panel [More]
Another “First Look” at the new Panasonic Lumix GH3, this time from MW Technology. The GH3 is a highly anticipated micro 43 camera that is being described by many as an incredibly powerful “Hybrid Imaging Machine”… That’s to say that takes both great still photos as well as top quality HD Video at up to 1080p 60fps. Check out the features on this impressive new addition to the Lumix G lineup!
Katie Waller from Which? takes a look at the all new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3, the successor to the highly successful, but aging GH2. Katie got her hands on it at Photokina 2012 to have a look at its new features. Oh, by the way… Price in US Dollars is $1,299 (Body Only – See Below)…
Here’s the full press conference from earlier today at Photokina in Cologne, Germany, where Panasonic introduced the all new and highly anticipated Lumix GH3 as well as some new lenses for their micro 43 lineup. The GH3 promises to be one of the breakout cameras launched at Photokina this year. Stay tuned for news, reviews and updates right here on MirrorlessCentral.com! Get the GH3 Now!
Zacuto Product Designers, Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn recently got their hands on a prototype of the Panasonic Lumix GH3, and it looks like the boys were mightily impressed with the newest addition to Panasonic’s GH series of Micro 43 cameras. Watch as they take you through some of the cameras specifications and rigs and accessories. For more information and to check out some of the cool gear displayed in the video, visit: zacuto.com/panasonic-gh3 To watch the movie by Philip Bloom and Bruce Logan that was shot with the GH3 >>CLICK HERE
David Pierce checks out the Panasonic GH3 at Photokina 2012. Although David says that it will cost $2,000 USD, the camera has already been listed for about $1,300 USD (body only). Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 key specifications: New 16.05-megapixel Live MOS sensor Improved Venus Image processor Wi-Fi Weather-proof (dust- and splash-proof) Built-in 1,744k-dot, OLED electronic viewfinder 614k-dot, 3-inch fully articulating LCD display ISO 200 to 12,800 (Expandable to 25,600) 6fps in burst-mode shooting 1080p full-HD video recording RAW image capture The Lumix DMC-GH3 will be available in two kits–bundled with either the 40-140mm or 12-35mm F2.8 zoom lenses. Pricing and availability [More]
The Olympus PEN E-PL5 boasts the same 16.1 megapixel sensor found in the OM-D E-M5, so we’re expecting great image quality from this little camera. Though it might be small on size and weight, the E-PL5 is certainly big when it comes to image quality. In fact, Olympus claim that is has Best-in-class image quality. As a result, it delivers stills and movies with consistently high resolution, rich gradation, low noise and wide dynamic range. Stay Tuned to Mirrorless Central for the latest news, reviews and information on this and many other cameras that are launching at the 2012 Photokina [More]
In this video Ali Jennings of Digital Camera World takes a look at the two new PEN cameras, the Olympus PEN E-PL5 and E-M2 Olympus has refreshed its PEN line-up with these two new models to sit in the middle, and bottom of the range of their lineup. Both the E-PL5 and E-PM2 have the same 16.1 million pixel sensor as the recently announced OM-D E-M5, which bodes extremely well for image quality. Stay Tuned to Mirrorless Central for full reviews and updates!
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 was unveiled today in Cologne Germany, just prior to tomorrow’s launch of Photokina 2012. Here’s a peek at the new camera, 2 new lenses (the 12-35mm and 35-100mm, each with a constant aperture of 2.8) and the battery grip that will be available for this camera, which (if it lives up to expectations) could take a serious bite out of the DSLR market. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 key specifications: New 16.05-megapixel Live MOS sensor Improved Venus Image processor Wi-Fi Weather-proof (dust- and splash-proof) Built-in 1,744k-dot, OLED electronic viewfinder 614k-dot, 3-inch fully articulating LCD display ISO 200 to [More]
Internationally renowned photojournalist Ira Block explores the new LUMIX GH3 in early development and puts it through a challenging pace in the American Southwest. The GH3 and new lenses are now available.
Here’s a behind the scenes look at the mini-movie “Genesis”, shot with a pre-production Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3. Writer/Director:Bruce Logan, Producers:Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt / Bruce Logan, Directors of Photography:Philip Bloom / Bruce Logan ASC The new camera has now been officially announced as of about 7AM EDT today. Here’s an initial review fro CNET Asia: Panasonic has just announced its upcoming Lumix DMC-GH3 flagship mirrorless camera, a first in the company’s interchangeable lens camera (ILC) lineup to feature a rugged design with splash-proof and dustproof properties as well as wireless connectivity. Users would be able transfer content wirelessly and control the [More]
The Panasonic Lumix GH3 is a highly anticipated Micro 43 camera that is set to be released on Monday (September, 17th, 2012). While the official release is still a couple of days away, a promotional video for the new Panasonic GH3 was accidentally released yesterday and posted on this site (Watch it Here). The video has been taken down numerous times but thanks to various YouTube users it has been uploaded again each time. In that video there were a few shots of Philip Bloom and Bruce Logan, ASC (who was in charge of the recent Zacuto Shootout) making a [More]
From dpreview.com >> Hands-on preview of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 full-frame, fixed lens compact
The Fuji X-E1 is the brand’s second interchangeable lens X series camera, which promises to deliver the same excellent image quality as the top-of-the-line X Pro 1. Boasting the same 16 million pixel APS-C X Trans CMOS sensor as the X Pro1, the body of the camera is slightly smaller and sleeker than its older brother. In this video Amy Davies takes a first look at what Fuji’s latest camera has to offer.
The Fuji guys from Fujifilm compare the two Mirror-less interchangeable lens Cameras, the XE-1 and X Pro1
Here’s a first peek at the new SONY NEX-VG900, which SONY says offers supreme imaging quality and generous creative options. It’s the first Handycam® with a 35mm sensor to fully exploit the artistic potential of interchangeable lenses by Sony and Carl Zeiss. This looks like it could be a serious video machine. Stay Tuned!
Introducing Sony’s first compact digital full-frame camera, the RX1. 35mm full frame CMOS image sensor? Check. Up to 256000 ISO? Check. Full manual control? Check. SGNL by Sony got an exclusive, hands-on first look at this mighty little machine. Check it out!
Just when you thought the NEX line was complete, here comes the NEX-6! Happily nestled between the NEX-5R and the NEX-7, the NEX-6 has the DSLR features you love, like a 16.1 megapixel APS-C sensor, up to 25600 ISO, and a built-in OLED viewfinder. But it still keeps its compact size with the addition of the new retractable power zoom 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens. But that’s not all; check out SGNL’s first-hand look at the NEX-6. Get the NEX 6 and New E-Mount Lenses NOW!
Two of the photo industry’s most respected educators chat about how, when, why DSLRs will be replaced by mirrorless cameras in the near future.  When do you switch over? Why would you? Are these guys nuts? Frederick Van Johnson from thisweekinphoto.com and Will Crockett from discovermirrorless.com are both pro shooters and top photo educators… and they have recorded a recent conversation on the topic that you get to hop in on. Check below to see some of our favorite mirrorless cameras in varying price ranges… Amazon.com Widgets
Photokina is just a few days away, and the highly anticipated launch of the all new Panasonic Lumix GH3 is rumored to be this Monday, Septemeber 17th! The GH3 is probably the “hottest” new Micro Four Thirds product. Numerous sources have reported that this is an incredibly nice camera, and very likely the first [mirrorless] camera that can be considered as “pro” level camera. It is aimed to compete against all high end DSLR, APS-C cameras like the Nikon D7000 or Canon 7D. We’re looking forward to the first hands-on impressions that should be coming next week. Stay Tuned to [More]