Over the last several months (which of course, have been leading up to the Holiday Buying Season), we have seen the release of several remarkable cameras from all the big mirrorless camera companies, including Sony, Fuji, Olympus and Panasonic – the latter two, being the developers of micro 4/3 cameras and technology.  The M43 top dogs have not disappointed, as their latest releases represent long awaited upgrades of some of their most popular cameras. In the case of Olympus, the new OM-D E-M1 chimes in as the successor to the highly popular, and highly acclaimed Olympus OM-D E-M5 – which [More]
Kai Wong, Alamby and Lok C of DigitalRevTV are on the road in London, England.  Their mission…  to shoot 10 locations in 48 hours, using both old analog film cameras as well as modern digital cameras.  As always, traveling with the DigitalRev crew is loads of fun. DRTV writes… In this video, DRTV does London…and in typically British-fashion: it’s cold and drizzly. Still, the team are challenged to visit 10 locations in less than 48-hours. On the first day, they have to use crumbly old film cameras from a very long time ago. They struggle with the idiosyncrasies and Lok [More]
Kai, Alamby and their special guest model Vanisa get together to do a little Hadouken Photography as only DigitalRevTV can do it. Hadouken is somewhat akin to levitation photography, only instead of just floating in the air, your subjects basically act out action scenes from a video game fight.  As always with DRTV, it’s good fun.  Enjoy!
Kai, Alamby, Lok C and the DigitalRevTV Crew strap on the gear for a 3 camera battle royale between the new Fuji X100s, Fuji X-E1 and the Sony RX1.  Which camera will come out on top in the Battle of the X’es? DRTV writes… In this video, we take a look at the fabulous Fujifilm X100s and ponder whether it’s the best x camera around by comparing it to the XE1 and the Sony RX1…but the team don’t get away without doing something rather typical of DRTV. My 2 Cents These are 3 fantastic cameras, two of which (the X-E1 [More]
Kai and the DRTV crew are back with their Pro-Tog Cheap Camera Challenge, where one professional photographer gets one cheap camera to do a photo shoot. This time around, it’s US Pro Photographer Douglas Sonders armed with a cheap HK-made camera that doesn’t even have a viewfinder. Well, the viewfinder has been smashed to pieces. Just how will he make out with just 2-hours to shoot? These challenges are always entertaining.  Enjoy!
The Leica X2 Premium Compact Camera has been out for a while now (the review above from DRTV came out last July), but nonetheless, PhotographyBlog have just released their review of this fixed lens mirrorless offering from Leica. On the plus side, well…  it’s a Leica, but does it pack the quality that the name implies, and can it stand up to the new kids on the block like the Fuji X100s? PB’s Leica X2 Conclusions… Don’t have the need to zoom, swap lenses or shoot video clips, but do have enough cash for a holiday somewhere exotic – or [More]
The new Fuji X100s Premium fixed lens compact camera has been getting rave reviews.  After all, it takes everything that was great about it’s predecessor, the X100, and adds lighting fast performance and a juicy X-Trans II Sensor to the mix.  The latest review to hit the web comes courtesy of Kai and the DigitalRevTV gang.  Does the new X100s stand up to the DRTV Test? Note from a man named Wong… “We had a love-hate relationship with the X100 previously: we loved the concept but hated using it sometimes. Will the Fuji X100S – the much anticipated follow-up – [More]
In typical Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge fashion, Kai and the DRTV Crew take one pro tog and give them a cheap bit of equipment to use for a shoot. DRTV writes… “This time, we have got perhaps the most influential photographer of our time: Vincent Laforet. He’s well-known for his tilt-shift work, but what happens if we give him a cheap tilt-shift challenge?” For more about Vincent Laforet, Check out these resources: Website: http://www.laforetvisuals.com/ Blog: http://blog.vincentlaforet.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/vincentlaforet Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/laforet  
Kai from DigitalRevTV takes a look at the lens that has recently been rated as the worst lens in the world by DXOmark – but the Olympus 15mm Body Cap Lens really that bad, or as Kai puts it, is the DXOmark rating just “utter tripe.” My 2 Cents OK…  So this lens will never be mistaken for the Olympus 45mm 1.8 lens or any other member of the “M.Zuiko” lineup, but does that mean that there’s no room in your camera bag for the 15mm Body Cap Lens?  While it’s true that you’ll never win any awards for HD [More]
In the latest Edition of DigitalRevTV, Kai and crew set out to duplicate the Facebook profile photo of ProTog David Hobby. As is usually the case with the DRTV gang, this is all good fun – but creating a copy of your favorite photos can be a great way to learn lighting and photographic techniques. So challenge yourself this week.  Go pick out a photo that you like and try to duplicate it as best you can. When you finish, please post a link to your doppelganger masterpiece in the comments below – we’d love to see it!
Kai, Alamby, Lok C and DigitalRevTV hit the bowling alley, and they bring along the Sony RX1 to give it the DRTV Treatment. Sony call the RX1 “the world’s smallest full-frame digital camera” – and Kai and Co. test it out to see if it’s as awesome as a full-frame compact should be. DRTV writes: We want to know just good it is. Does it perform well enough to justify the price? Does it focus well in low-light? Watch the video to find out. My 2 Cents The Sony RX1 is our pick for the best compact camera of 2012 [More]
Kai, Alamby and the DRTV crew are back, this time for part III of their “Stuck at Home” video series. In this video, DRTV takes a camera and a lens…but they never mount the lens on the camera. “Freelensing is all about holding the lens in front of the camera for some bokehlicious fun. But just what are the results like and how do you do it?” Consider this an open thread…
Kai, Alamby and Lok C of DigitalRevTV are back (sort of).  In this episode, the gang take a break from their between season break to produce a low budget action trailer using nothing but the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition, and along the way, they discover the camera’s ups, downs, good points and not so good points. Can the GoPro remain the King of the POV Mountain? This looks like a job for Wong…  James Wong. The GoPro Hero3 is an impressive little camera.  GoPro have upped the ante in this camera’s performance while lowering it’s size and weight.  But although [More]
A little entertainment for the New Year, courtesy of Kai Wong, Alamby and the DRTV Crew. In the DigitalRevTV season finale, Kai and Co. are back with their Pro Tog Cheap Camera Challenge.  This time, it’s  David “The Strobist” Hobby taking on the cheap camera challenge with a Buzz Lightyear camera and 3 Family Jewels Fuq 690 flashes. Kai and the gang give David 5 challenges, 5 locations, 5 subjects, and he has to shoot all of them with just the BLS (Buzz Lightyear special) and his own resourcefulness. In this challenge, David photographs: a snake master with an orgy [More]
Kai, Alamby, Lok C and the gang from DigitalRevTV are at it again, this time “worshipping at the Temple of Apple” and having some fun with long exposure photos. DRTV writes:  As it’s the season of doing long exposures (if you’re out shooting christmas light and fireworks), here are some ideas that you might want to try out during this festive season and beyond! Consider this an open thread…
ISO…  AWB…  F-Stop…  Bokeh…  It can be a lot to take in (and downright confusing for the new photographer).  But Never Fear…  Kai from DigitalRevTV is coming to the rescue, explaining Photography Terminology, A to Z.  In Part II, Kai covers the back half of the alphabet going from K to Z. Question:  Is it just me, or is anyone else disturbed by the fact that Kai has a tube of KY Jelly lying around his office? Consider this an open thread…
ISO…  AWB…  F-Stop…  Bokeh…  It can be a lot to take in (and downright confusing for the new photographer).  But Never Fear…  Kai from DigitalRevTV is coming to the rescue, explaining Photography Terminology, A to Z. Consider this an open thread…
Last time, Kai and the DigitalRevTV crew only had an hour to spend with the new Canon EOS M, and they had to rush around the city in an attempt to put the camera through it’s paces in a short amount of time.  This time, they spend a full week with the new Canon and strive to find the answers to the questions that inquiring minds want to know, such as… Is the autofocus really that bad? What is is it like to use? What is it’s best feature? Watch the video to find out. Check out the Canon EOS [More]
DigitalRevTV’s Kai Wong is takin’ it to the streets with the new Canon EOS M – Canon’s first foray into the mirrorless camera market. Canon is an undisputed DSLR Giant, but will they be able to translate that power into the mirrorless realm? Here’s DRTVs take: Canon has finally released a mirrorless camera! But is it any good? Should you buy one? There’s a lot of competition in the mirrorless market, so the EOS M has a lot to prove. Kai takes it out on the streets with the 22mm f/2.0 STM and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens, along with [More]