Looking for straight forward info about the Panasonic Lumix GX1 mirrorless camera? Photo innovator Will Crockett is known as one of the top educators on the globe and in this video he presents the info you really need to decide if this is the right camera for you. 
He’s one of the pros that thinks mirrorless cameras will replace the DSLR as we know it today and is taking the smarter road to his own Migration to MIRRORLESS. Will has actually tested numerous different mirrorless cameras. The technical specs are online everywhere, but they don’t tell you how this camera [More]
Is the pricey Sony NEX 7 worth the money? This review skips the tech talk and reveals the real life strengths and weaknesses you will encounter when using this top-of-the-line NEX mirrorless camera. Photo innovator Will Crockett is known as one of the top educators and product reviewers on the globe, and in this video he presents the straight forward info you need to decide if this is the right camera for you for creating both photo and video files. Will is one of the experts that thinks mirrorless cameras will replace the DSLR as we know it today and [More]
This video is not in English, but you still get a good look at the menu system on the new SONY NEX-5R and it’s wireless connectivity with other mobile devices, as well as apps, such as Facebook. The SONY NEX-5R allows you to shoot and share DSLR-quality photos online, straight from the camera. With built-in Wi-Fi®, the Alpha NEX-5R even lets you download camera apps for endless creative possibilities. And the 16.1MP APS-C size sensor lets you shoot breathtaking stills with pro-grade defocused backgrounds. Get all this and more in a camera that’s about half the size of a DSLR. [More]
The 2012 London Olympic Games were captured (in images and video) by Getty photographer Dean Mouharopoulous, who shot exclusively with the Panasonic DMC-G5 camera. In this video, Dean and Panasonic experts talk about using the G5 in different situations and finding the right lens to get the best shot. From Mirrorless Central: We love the Panny Lenses discussed in the video, and there are a lot of other phenomenal lenses that are compatible with the M43 format. In fact, if you’re going the interchangeable lens route, micro four thirds is a great option as there are more lenses available in [More]
Comparing the new 14-42 Power Zoom Lens with it’s non-powered brother as well as a low light performance evaluation of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5.  Individual questions answered by Panasonic experts during a live talk with online users. While we LOVE the G5, we’re not really crazy about the 14 -42 mm kit lens that it often comes bundled with (not to be confused with the 14 – 42 mm X Power Zoom Lens featured in this video – THAT’S a good one!), but one of the strengths of micro 4/3 cameras is that there are a LOT of high quality [More]
The Panasonic GF series has taken an interesting change of direction ever since the brilliant GF1 was first announced. With the GF2 and GF3 losing admirers of the range thanks to them losing key features. But now the GX1 is here and it’s promising to be the successor to the GF1. Is it any good though? The GX1 is a great camera, period… but it’s especially great for someone who’s looking to capture high quality photos and video, but pack that ability into a body that’s easy to carry around – and the GX1 delivers on all counts. At the [More]
Hear any mention of retro-styled cameras with exorbitant price tags and it’s hard not to get suspicious. That kind of talk brings to mind Leica’s incessant re-branding of Panasonic Lumix models, or those unicorn limited editions out of Japan that just leave us baffled. But it’s okay, you can relax with the Fujifilm X-Pro1. At $1700 for the body only it’s crazily expensive, sure, but not when you compare to an $8000 Leica M9-P. Besides, it’s a legitimate heir to a strong line of Fuji shooters that includes the much-loved X100 and the more accessible X10. That’s a strong pedigree, [More]
Will Crockett is the Photo-Guru behind DiscoverMirrorless.com, ShootSmarter.com and a host of other websites. He’s an industry visionary who is ushering in a new era of “Hybrid Imaging” – a combination of photo, video and audio that can all be produced by a new wave of smaller, less expensive yet powerful and highly sophisticated mirrorless cameras. Of course, we here at MirrorlessCentral.com happen to agree with Will. That’s why we’ve created this website, so you can keep up to date with all the latest cameras, lenses and gear that will help you ride the wave of the Mirrorless Revolution! Will, [More]