Here’s a first peek at the new SONY NEX-VG900, which SONY says offers supreme imaging quality and generous creative options. It’s the first Handycam® with a 35mm sensor to fully exploit the artistic potential of interchangeable lenses by Sony and Carl Zeiss. This looks like it could be a serious video machine. Stay Tuned!
Introducing Sony’s first compact digital full-frame camera, the RX1. 35mm full frame CMOS image sensor? Check. Up to 256000 ISO? Check. Full manual control? Check. SGNL by Sony got an exclusive, hands-on first look at this mighty little machine. Check it out!
Just when you thought the NEX line was complete, here comes the NEX-6! Happily nestled between the NEX-5R and the NEX-7, the NEX-6 has the DSLR features you love, like a 16.1 megapixel APS-C sensor, up to 25600 ISO, and a built-in OLED viewfinder. But it still keeps its compact size with the addition of the new retractable power zoom 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens. But that’s not all; check out SGNL’s first-hand look at the NEX-6. Get the NEX 6 and New E-Mount Lenses NOW!
Is this beast a DSLR video killer? The SONY NEX-VG20 (shown here with 18-200mm lens) is an interchangeable lens mirrorless camera in the body of a handicam. It offers some great upgrades over it’s predecessor, the VG10, and it features a powerful, high end SONY DSLR sensor that does NOT suffer from overheating issues like so many other SONY mirrorless cams do – PLUS, there’s no 29 minute video recording limit.
Two of the photo industry’s most respected educators chat about how, when, why DSLRs will be replaced by mirrorless cameras in the near future.  When do you switch over? Why would you? Are these guys nuts? Frederick Van Johnson from and Will Crockett from are both pro shooters and top photo educators… and they have recorded a recent conversation on the topic that you get to hop in on. Check below to see some of our favorite mirrorless cameras in varying price ranges… Widgets
When it entered the mirrorless market with the NEX-3 and NEX-5 back in 2010, Sony, along with Panasonic and Olympus, saw vast potential to attract the millions of compact camera users who wanted better image quality but without the bulk of a DSLR. Today, however, as the smartphone market continues to erode compact camera sales we see camera makers increasingly turning their attention to a smaller – but potentially more eager – group; enthusiasts who want a lighter, more compact DSLR alternative, but still demand the level of customization and camera control to which they’ve grown accustomed. As such, we’ve [More]
Next week, CNET Asia heads off to Photokina 2012 (September 18-23), which is the world’s largest photography-related trade fair. Held in Cologne, Germany, at Koelnmesse (Cologne Trade Fair or Cologne Exhibition Centre), the biennial exhibition will play host to hundreds of digital and analog imaging companies, which includes all the major camera vendors. Over 180,000 guests are expected to attend from over 160 countries. This year may not be the most exciting in terms of camera technologies, but there are quite a few major trends we’re beginning to spot based on products that have already been announced and other products [More]
Looks like SONY’s letting the cat out of the bag a little early this year, and here’s some of the latest news as we head into Photokina 2012. A HUGE RANGE of new gear from Sony has just been announced, including the RX1, SLT99 and a 300mm f2.8 – plus new pro grade video gear! Here’s another highly anticipated camera from SONY that has just been released:
What is mirrorless imaging? With the flood of new mirrorless cameras entering market and in anticipation of Photokina next week in Cologne, Germany (and all the new cameras, lenses and gear that will be unveiled there), we felt it would be a good idea to post this video from Will Crockett, GeekBeat’s photo tech specialist, to show you what mirrorless digital photography can do for you. Will is one of our favorite photo experts. We love his no-nonsense reviews and his obvious passion for photography and video production that comes through in each and every video he makes (which is [More]
With the speed and sensory technology of a DSLR, the NEX-5R from Sony is an award-winning interchangeable lens camera that fits in your pocket. Take professional level photos from any angle, thanks to the 180 degree tilting LCD screen and large 16.1 megapixel sensor. Including Wi-Fi and HD video capabilities, this camera fits a massive amount into its tiny body. Despite its small size, the camera’s large 16.1 megapixels sensor captures more of the image and more of the light, resulting in expert looking photos with less noise in low light settings. Taking up to ten frames per second with [More]
CNET takes a first look at the SONY NEX 5R. With a new sensor and redesigned autofocus system that combines phase detection and contrast technologies, and built-in Wi-Fi with support for downloadable apps via Sony’s Play Memories service, this really is a major upgrade over its predecessor.
“Which?” takes a look at the Sony NEX-5R, a compact system camera with interchangeable lenses and the first from Sony to have built-in wi-fi.
If you’ve ever struggled with taking a self portrait, Sony’s NEX-5R has something for you: the ability to use a phone or tablet as a remote viewfinder. The camera, an updated version of NEX-5, was announced at IFA Berlin and we got a chance to try it.
A form factor comparison of the Fuji FinePix X100 vs Olympus PEN EP-3 versus Sony NEX C3 digital camera. A little additional info: All these cameras will take GREAT PHOTOS, with a slight (VERY slight) advantage possibly going to the SONY, who are renowned for their sensor quality. In video applications, however, that same sensor becomes SONY’s downfall, as they are notorious for overheating issues. You can still take HD quality video with the SONY, but expect to only get a few minutes (5-15 typically, depending on temperature conditions) at a time. All of these cameras also have a 29 [More]
This is a short test in low light against the hacked GH2. The GH2 is set to 1080/24p AVCHD 44Mbit with Auto Quantizer 4. The NEX 5N is set to 1080/25p AVCHD 24Mbit. We’ve included some 1080/50p slow motion footage as well and normally lit scenes shot with the NEX 5N. Lenses: GH2 – Samyang 35mm F1.4, 5N – Canon 50mm F1.2 L. Both set to F1.4 throughout. Later 5N scenes are with the standard 18-55mm kit lens. When comparing these cameras, one factor to consider is the number of available lenses. The GH2 is a micro 4/3 camera and [More]
Hands-on with the SONY NEX-VG20 vs the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2. Bottom line: The GH2 and VG20 are both great cameras. Aside from the form factor, with the GH2 taking on a traditional DSLR-like shape, and the VG-20 more of a video cam style, here are some observations. The VG-20 lacks manual color, contrast and sharpness adjustments, but it has a built-in headphone jack and full manual audio control, it is better than the unhacked GH2 in low light and the factory-set color profile is just fine. The GH2 does handle moire better — but just barely. You will see moire [More]
The Camera Store’s Chris Niccolls attempts to kill two birds with one stone by spending a day with his family and checking out the new Sony VG20. See if Chris can juggle these two demanding tasks.
Blunty Reviews the new Sony NEX-VG20, an interchangeable lens video camera system, the follow up to the NEX-VG10 and newest family member of the well received NEX camera line. This one is custom designed for video shooting, to give people who’re frustrated with the limitations (there is NO 29 minute video recording limit and NO sensor overheating issues with the VG-20!) and work-arounds of shooting video on DLSR. So lets see how well it does…
In this video, John Sison in the Hunter Valley checking out the NEX-F3. He takes a look at some of its new features and improvements to find out if its a worthy successor from the previous generation, the NEX C3.
A Detailed Hands-on with the Sony NEX-F3 by endgadget. The Sony NEX-F3 comes as the direct replacement for the NEX-C3, and features a 16.1 effective million pixels sensor, integrated pop-up flash and 180 degree tilting LCD. It serves as a great entry to SONY’s NEX lineup, with the NEX 5N, NEX 5R, NEX 6(coming soon), and NEX 7 rounding out the compact NEX lineup. SONY also offers a “Handi-cam” style body with the NEX VG-20.
The Sony NEX-F3 comes as the direct replacement for the NEX-C3, and features a 16.1 effective million pixels sensor, integrated pop-up flash and 180 degree tilting LCD. It serves as a great entry to SONY’s NEX lineup, with the NEX 5N, NEX 5R, NEX 6(coming soon), and NEX 7 rounding out the compact NEX lineup. SONY also offers a “Handi-cam” style body with the NEX VG-20.
In this video, the gang from DigitalRevTV look at the low light performance of the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and compare it to two other latest mirrorless cameras: the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Sony NEX-7. How do they perform with autofocus in low light and what is the EVF like? We also compare the noise performance of each camera. Special Thanks to Oasis Dance Center – Belly Dancer – Emmy Abir Best Price on the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 16MP Digital Camera with APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor (Body Only) NEW LOWER PRICE! Olympus OM-D E-M5 16MP Live MOS Interchangeable Lens Camera with [More]
Steve Huff’ initial review of a full on production Sony NEX-7 and Zeiss 24 1.8 lens with the final firmware – hand delivered this to Steve’s home on October 11th 2011, one month before retail release of the camera. This is Steve’s “First Look” video showing you the camera, the lens and some video samples to test for the 5n “click”, which is absent in the 7. >>CLICK HERE<< for additional reviews of the NEX 7 and other SONY Mirrorless camera systems.
A look at the NEX-7 to see whether Sony has made a viable option for enthusiast photographers to ditch their DSLRs for compact system cameras and to discuss the features and performance of this high end camera. >>CLICK HERE<< for additional reviews of the NEX 7 and other SONY Mirrorless camera systems.