Master Portrait Photographer Marc Hauser has been a professional portrait photographer for more than 34 years and is a legend in the world of photography  Marc is renowned the world over for his work, which has literally stopped traffic – His portrait of Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman, used for a Bigsby & Kruthers ad on a building overlooking Chicago’s Kennedy Expressway, caused traffic jams as drivers slowed to gawk at the larger-than-life Rodman. At age 14 he was an apprentice to renowned fashion photographer Stan Malinowski. As a teenager, Hauser produced hundreds of album covers in collaboration with Album [More]
Ever wondered how to capture those cool, “extreme” looking skateboard, snowboard bmx bike, etc. shots?  Here are some tips and insights from seven top skateboard shooters that can be applied to any extreme sport, or even not so extreme sports – like your kids jumping into the pool or on a trampoline.  — Enjoy! (Source – 1.  Jon Humphries (Video at Top) – Humphries has a unique ability to freeze the skaters mid-action as they display all the grace of a ballet dancer and the grit of an extreme athlete.  Much of Humphries work is in black and white, [More]