MC Contributor and Hybrid Photography “Coach” Will Crockett of stops by the Photo Manufacturers Association (PMA) as well as the CES Show in Las Vegas, NV to talk Hybrid Photography and why he believes that  “High Volume” Photographers (like School Portrait Shooters) should and will be turning to mirrorless cameras. Will writes:  High volume photographers constantly face the challenge of becoming more efficient and need to find smarter ways to make more dollars per hour.  Volume photographers must be able to shoot high quality images at a really fast, rapid rate and many are seeking some guidance as they [More]
MC Contributor, photo/video innovator and Hybrid Photography “Coach” Will Crockett of is blazing trails once again.  He just shot a portrait session completely without using flash, and he created a cool Hybrid eProduct at the same time! Will writes:  Yesterday was a big day.  I made it through two portrait shoots in the studio using no flash whatsoever, and lit the entire job using LED Lights Only! The lights used were the Quantum Omicron LED ringlight, for the bold “shadowless” look you see, and I also used a cluster of three Manfrotto ML 840H Maxima LED lights mounted inside [More]
MC Contributor and Pro Photo/Video/Hybrid “Coach” Will Crockett peels back the curtain to show you some of the tools and techniques that he uses to create Hybrid eProducts for his commercial clients. Will Writes:  Product photography is moving hybrid too.  We are making a cool hybrid eProduct for a commercial client to use in their trade show booth and for their website to grab some attention for their new product. To create the video and still images, we’ve chosen the Fuji X Pro because of it’s luxurious blacks at high ISO and it’s wicked sharp lenses for product photography.  Here’s [More]
In this Real Life Review, “Coach” Will Crockett, MC Contributor and Hybrid Photography Ninja takes a look at rechargeable batteries.  Is there finally a solution that will actually work?! Here’s what Coach Crockett has to say:  Save REAL money, save the planet, and get more performance out of your battery-powered photo tools using better batteries. I have completed a long test on loads of different rechargeable batteries, and I’ve finally found a simple system that WORKS for the smarter photographer…  Hallelujah!!! SEE CURRENT MODELS AND PRICING FROM A TRUSTED RESOURCE HERE.
Change is coming, folks.  As technology advances and new and wonderful things become possible, it’s inevitable that the most creative among us come up with new and innovative ways to express or deliver their art. Once upon a time, the only way you could listen to music was to go and see it performed live.  Then came the phonograph and radio.  We’ve seen delivery systems progress from vinyl records to tapes (reel to reel, 8-track and cassette).  In the 80s, we gained the ability to play our music from a beam of light, as lasers read the information stored on [More]
Stuart, one of the readers over at, submitted a question to MC Contributor Will Crockett to help him choose between a Panasonic Lumix G5 and a Lumix GH3. Here’s the question:   Will, I watched your review of the G5 and was somewhat discouraged.  You mentioned that it was not a good replacement for a GH2 owner, so here is my concern.  I am looking for a camera that will be used 85% of the time for still photography, but still want good video capabilities.  I am not doing anything professional, but am transitioning from a D7000, so image [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett ( answers reader questions about the Panasonic Lumix GH3.  This time, it’s all about autofocus. Here’s the question: Hi Will, I’d be grateful for your help with a question regarding the Panasonic DMC-GH3. I currently own a Canon 650 (T4i) with a 15-85 and 70-200 f/4L and am considering replacing this equipment with a GH3 initially with a 12-35 and later a 35-100. My main photographic interests are landscape photography and sometimes airshows in the United Kingdom. My concern is that the GH3′s continuous autofocus won’t be able to track and quickly lock focus on aircraft [More]
Let’s face it folks.  Everywhere you look, there’s another person making a call on an iPhone or Android, or playing Angry Birds on an iPad or other tablet PC, and all those screens mean that BIG CHANGES are coming in the world of photography. All these smartphones and their cameras have all but obliterated the point and shoot digital camera market, and as powerful and sophisticated, yet easy to use mirrorless camera systems become more affordable and the technology built in to these systems continues to advance, another paradigm shift is about to occur. Whether you’re a pro photographer who [More]
Two Pro Photographers (MC Contributor Will Crockett of and his good friend and colleague Wayne Ross), both of whom are VERY familiar with Nikon and Panasonic Cameras, take a new Panasonic Lumix GH3 and a Nikon D800 out for a day of shooting to compare their functionality in real world conditions. Will writes:  As photo and video professionals, we need to be as efficient as possible with our time when shooting hybrid. I want to be comfortable and confident when it comes to recording the moment in still as well as when to use the video button, but shooting [More]
Super-Talented Photographer Suzette Allen (one of our colleagues over on  has just produced one of the best single Hybrid eProducts we’ve ever seen is the new Christmas “eCard” that she made for a client this week. This eCard is exactly what we think photographers should be focusing on (no pun intended ~_^) – and this time next year, we here at and our friends and colleagues over at will be sharing this template with you while showing you exactly how to shoot the best possible images to fill it in. Check out the 35 second long eProduct, [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett answers a reader question from – “I am very interested in what is available (and coming down the pike) in LED lights. Question: I’ve got a set of Westcott softboxes with fluorescent lights–nice light quality but not very bright. Do think I could put LED lights in there OR do you think the new LED lights will replace softboxes?” LED lighting is the perfect solution when it comes to Hybrid Photography – and the ability of these new LED lights to work both as a continuous light source OR flash will allow you to quickly [More]
MC contributor Will Crockett ( takes the new Panasonic Lumix GH3 and the new Pro lenses for a high society (and high ISO) evening at the art museum. In this video, Will exhibits the low light capabilities of the new camera in the form of a Hybrid eProduct – a combination of still photos, video and audio that is the coming wave in pro photography. Will writes:  Part of my attraction to mirrorless cameras is that they are lots easier to shoot hybrid than DSLRs. Sure, the “smaller  &  lighter than DSLR” element is great, but it’s the image that [More]
MC contributor Will Crockett ( continues his evaluation of the Panasonic Lumix GH3. In this video, Will tests the Live Link between the Lumix GH3 and his iPhone using the Free Lumix Link App. This looks cool! Don’t forget, Will is inviting YOU to ask YOUR QUESTIONS! So if there’s anything at all you want to know about the GH3, >>Post Them Here<< Watch all of Will’s GH3 Test Videos on Check out the Panasonic Lumix GH3 Here
Here’s MC contributor Will Crockett ( with a test video using the Panasonic Lumix GH3 at 2000 ISO at night. Camera was set to color +3, SCENERY picture setting, 60i, using the 12-35mm f 2.8 zoom Don’t forget, Will is inviting YOU to ask YOUR QUESTIONS! So if there’s anything at all you want to know about the GH3, >>Post Them Here<< Watch all of Will’s GH3 Test Videos on Check out the Panasonic Lumix GH3 Here
MC contributor Will Crockett ( continues his tests of the Panasonic Lumix GH3. In this video, Will fiddles with the Wi-Fi functions on the new camera, and wow, does it look awesome! Don’t forget, Will is inviting YOU to ask YOUR QUESTIONS! So if there’s anything at all you want to know about the GH3, >>Post Them Here<< Watch all of Will’s GH3 Test Videos on Check out the Panasonic Lumix GH3 Here
MC contributor Will Crockett ( is putting the new Panasonic Lumix GH3 through it’s paces all this week. In this video, Will takes a walk through all the menus that the new GH3 has to offer, and since Will is VERY familiar with the GH2 (He has 10 of them that they use for video shooting), he points out the upgrades and new additions to the menus and the cameras capabilities. Don’t forget, Will is inviting YOU to ask YOUR QUESTIONS! So if there’s anything at all you want to know about the GH3, >>Post Them Here<<  See all of [More]
Hey Gang, MC contributor Will Crockett ( now has a new Panasonic Lumix GH3 in his hands and is testing it all this week. Best of all, Will is inviting YOU to ask YOUR QUESTIONS! So if there’s anything at all you want to know about the GH3, >>Post Them Here
In this excellent edition of the Hybrid Hangout, host Will Crockett ( welcomes special guest Jared Polin ( and Hybrid Heroes Giulio Sciorio, Marlene Hielema, Bill Burkholder and Carol Schlintz for a lively discussion of RAW vs JPEG and which is better to shoot in different situations. This is a highly controversial topic and there are hardcore advocates on both sides. Here’s Will’s description of the hangout: Both JPEG and RAW file formats are good these days, but they are very different. When is it a good idea to use RAW, when is it best to shoot in JPEG, what [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett ( answers another reader question, this time about the Panasonic Lumix GH2, which you can now get for about $750 USD with a kit lens ($650 Body Only) – this is a HUGE BARGAIN! Here’s what Crockett says:  The Lumix GH2 that we are so fond of here in my studio is being replaced by the highly touted GH3. That means the GH2 is now priced at closeout and really is a bargain. Our take:  The Panasonic Lumix GH2 has been one of the most celebrated cameras of the last two years since it debuted in [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett ( is a world class pro shooter who uses both DSLRs and mirrorless and has loads of tips for you. Will writes:  Serious photographers are facing a serious choice when they are looking to move up to a new camera that shoots stills and video. Sure just about all DSLRs, as well as mirrorless camera systems, capture still photos and video clips, but how do you know if you should spend big on the DSLR, or save a bit and move into the easy-to-use mirrorless camera systems?  In the video above, Will explains his take on [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett (, a pro photo and video ninja that we call “The Paul Revere of the Mirrorless Revolution”, and in this video, he shares a fantastic idea that illustrates just how the new era of Hybrid Photography is going to change the way photos…  and videos for that matter, are taken and delivered. Will writes:  Ready for a great idea on how to make a low cost, high perceived value hybrid eProduct that Moms will melt for? Suzette Allen and I have been cooking up ideas on how photographers can use hybrid imaging concepts with any camera [More]
MC Contributor and Photo/Video Ninja Will Crockett ( talks about “eProducts.”  This is the next generation of delivery for your photos and videos (and the fusion of the two), and as the digital age spreads farther and wider, you’ll see more and more people moving away from whipping out their old photo albums and whipping out their iPads, iPhones and facebook Pages instead. Will writes: As we all move into hybrid photography and add movement to our pictures, we will be creating eProducts more than we create printed products.  Well, jpegs cannot hold motion or sound so we’ll be using [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett ( talks video editing.  As video becomes more and more popular (and with the ease of producing HD videos of breathtaking quality using mirrorless cameras, it IS becoming more and more popular!), people are continually asking us if there’s an easy to use, easy to learn way to make the most out of your videos. Here’s what Will has to say about whether you should learn video editing or just skip it:  Can you create the cool hybrid eProducts like we talk about on without using elaborate video editing software like Adobe Premier or Final [More]
In the latest edition of the Hybrid Hangout, MC contributor Will Crockett ( hosts a panel of Nine photo and video pros (and some not so pros) to share the reasons why they switched to mirrorless, or why they are still waiting, and what they are looking for in order to make an intelligent decision when or if to shed the big bulky but powerful DSLRs. Joining will in the conversation are MC Creator Scott Giorgini, MC Contributos Giulio Sciorio ( and Rob Domaschuk ( along with Paula Thomas, Carol Schlintz, special guest Dave Curlee from GeekBeatTV and others as [More]