Tascam DR40 vs Zoom H4N – Portable Audio Recorder Throwdown

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Tascam has upped their game with firmware updates to their DR40 Portable Audio Recorder, but is it a serious contender to the Audio King of the Hill, the Zoom H4N?

DSLRNoob posted a great video that compares the features of each.

DSLRNoob writes: I’ve had the Tascam Dr-40 for quit some time, but until Tascam added the firmware update that gives you independent control of the input volume, I hadn’t really considered it a true competitor to the Zoom h4n.

Now that this feature is available, the Tascam is a very affordable alternative to the Zoom h4n. Take a close look at the features that are available for the h4n, if there is something that you can’t live without, then it’s the better choice. If not the Tascam DR-40 does a great job of recording audio, has a long battery life saves you about $150 compared to the Zoom h4n.

Unless you need the features, most people will be happy with the Tascam DR-40 for any audio project. But take a listen to the audio from both units and decide what’s right for you.

Editor’s Note: When deciding between the Zoom H4N and the Tascam DR40, your decision will boil down to two main criteria… Features and budget. The Zoom H4N has better build quality and is a much more versatile device, but if you’re just looking for a portable solution to capture audio from shotgun mics, lavoliers, boom mics or ambient sound from the unit’s onboard mics, then the Tascam DR40 will do a superb job at a very affordable price. While I personally use a Zoom H4N (I use it in lots of situations where I have to capture audio from musical instruments and it works phenomenally well), I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Tascam DR40 to those who don’t need all the extra features. The Zoom H4N is still the king, but the Tascam DR40 is easily the Prince of Portable Audio Recording. — SG

Check out the Tascam DR40 and the Zoom H4N Here


Kim says:

Great comparison. The H4N sure does a lot of cool tricks, but I did slightly prefer the TASCAM’s sound as I found it a bit drier, which I like when I’m recording audio that I plan to process. I listened on Sony V600s …

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