Texting is Gefährlich – A Short Video Shot with the Black Magic Cinema Micro 4/3 Camera

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Texting is Gefährlich is a short video shot by Marco Solorio and the crew from OneRiverMedia using the new Black Magic Cinema Micro 4/3 lens mount camera… and we have to say, we are VERY impressed with this new camera.

Here’s what Marco has to say about the shoot:
As they say, you only live life if you take chances. We uploaded our short video, “Texting is Gefährlich” to Vimeo, knowing it would probably be the first Cinema Camera video out there, scrutinized by everyone on the planet. Honestly, this is a scary, and daunting idea, especially when our production was focused on really pushing the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera and testing its range. To be a critic is easy, to be a pioneer is frightening.

Our hope is to show how far we tested and pushed the Blackmagic Cinema Camera under severe circumstances. We opted to not do a golden-hour beauty video, or a glossy grade, but to really push the camera under exterior, low-key lighting, among other scenarios.

Quite honestly, we’re pleased with results, as any other scenario (DSLR or standard video camera), would have fallen apart, due to blown out highlights and crushed blacks. The amount of image data we were able to pull from these shots was astounding.

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We’re looking forward to seeing more from this camera!


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