The 3 Minute Photographer – Will Crockett Talks LED Lights

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As we move into Hybrid Photography, where traditional still photos are skillfully blended with video, audio and graphics, the importance of an always on lighting source becomes greater and greater.  After all, flash doesn’t really work very well when you’re shooting video.  The obvious option here is the new generation of LED lighting that is emerging from numerous companies, but not all LEDs are created equally.

In the video above, MC Contributor and Hybrid Photography Pioneer Will Crockett talks about the ups and downs of today’s LED lights, and how to get the most out of them when you’re shooting hybrid.

Will writes…

Far too many LED light makers for photo and video are hiding a problem. Although it’s not all of them, over 80% of LED companies use color temperature numbers, CRI index values and all kinds of “daylight” and “full spectrum” baloney to skip over the fact that the color of most LEDs for image makers is not up to the same quality we photographers are used to with our flash gear.  These LEDs do not have the color output needed to create pro level images with a digital camera.  Ever use your so-called “daylight” LED with your camera set to DAYLIGHT white balance…. or ever blend pro flash and LED on the same shot… see bad color?  Us too.
As a color expert and hybrid photo coach (and mad photo scientist!) who’s been using all kinds of lighting for decades (geesh…  does that make me sound old? ~_^), I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly from just about every kind of light you can imagine.

Today, Pro level photo, video, and hybrid shooters need to know how to see, fix, and avoid image quality problems and it seems that many LED light makers think you’re not smart enough to see their LB shift issues. The spectral output response of many LEDs are simply not suited for photography and will fail to give you the color you think you are paying for.  Yep, it’s true. We’re calling them out with three minutes of hybrid photography info EVERY pro’s gotta know in this video about the LB troubles from most LED lighting made for photography and location video.

In this video, I’ll show you how to test to see if your LED has LB trouble, what to do about it, and how easy it is to make your LED color MUCH better – and my team as well as yours truly will keep our eyes out for the very best in lighting solutions to make your hybrid projects pop.  Stay Tuned!


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