The Dougmon Small Camera Stabilizer – The “Swiss Utility Knife” of Handheld Camera Support Systems

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Here’s a nifty little device we’ve come across that may be a perfect fit for shooting video with a mirrorless camera system, such as the Panasonic Lumix GH3 or Sony NEX 6.

the dougmon handheld camera stabilizer - shown here with the slingmon and all accessories

the dougmon handheld camera stabilizer – shown here with the slingmon and all accessories

Meet the dougmon.  Invented by a guy named Doug Monroe – DOUG MON(roe)…  Get it? – the dougmon is touted as the swiss utility knife of hand held camera support systems.

Doug Monroe is a cameraman who specializes in reality television and documentary shooting and the video tutorial above illustrates how to use this smart simple camera support system. Doug has spent nine years perfecting the dougmon and now he has it ready for market.

Doug writes…

“No more arm fatigue. No big rig on your shoulder. Easy in, easy out of the system. The dougmon supports your wrist and arm creating steady shots that can be high, low and in between. The slingmon [another accessory shown in the video above] helps with DSLR shooting using the dougmon.”

My 2 Cents

This looks like an intriguing concept, especially when utilized with the slingmon sling system – but I’ll reserve final judgement until I can get my hands on one.

What do YOU think?  Leave your comments below…

If you’re interested in picking one up, the dougmon sells for $529 USD on Amazon, or $699 with the slingmon and all accessories.


Themkosi says:

I have had mine for 6 months and love it. Do not even think about aoctin shooting with it unless you have the time to sift through dozens of photos to find one that is in focus. this is the biggest problem with this beast- which I believe Olympus will solve with the next or model after next- once they do then slapping mirrors will be something of the past. I went back to oLY because their lens are simple just superior to the other junk on the market- no gyros to break, and incredible sharpness, but they need some fast zooms for MFT. The 45 MM prime I will put up against any $1500-$2000 glass out there! EVF much better than Sony’s so much more realistic composition rather than a digitized look. Check it out but wait for the next version before dumping the cash because I think the wait will be well worth it.

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