The Fuji X100s and Zack Arias’ Fuji X-Series Buying Guide

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It looks like another one has bit the dust…

Pro Photo Rock Star Zack Arias has posted his review of the new Fuji X100s and joins the chorus of highly renowned photographers who are singing it’s praises.  It also seems that Zack is joining the growing legions of photographers who are putting down their DSLRs and picking up a mirrorless system instead.  (In fact, the video above features Zack Arias shooting the streets of Atlanta with the Fuji X-Pro1)

Says Arias…

“The DSLR is dead to me. Yes, yes, yes. I have a Phase. That’s my workhorse camera for editorial and commercial work. Other than that? Even for some magazine work… the Fuji is it.  Buy Canon? Nope! Bye Canon!”

On Using the X100s for Pro Work…

“Would I use the x100s at a wedding? Hell yes I would. Wouldn’t think twice about it. Would I shoot it on a magazine assignment? Yes. Portrait shoot? Yep. Promo shoot? Yep. And have.”  He goes on to say “From my heart. The x100s is my desert island camera. “

Why Go Mirrorless?

On a recent assignment in Turkey, Zack Arias talks about his experiences using the Fuji X100s and X-Pro1…

“Walking the streets of Istanbul with the X100s, an X-Pro1, and the Fuji 14mm and Fuji 60mm made me realize that so much work could be done with a tiny little kit like that. You’re traveling light. You’re inconspicuous. You’re silent. You’ve got a ton of options between these two small cameras and these three lenses.  You’ve got kick ass sun killing sync speeds with small flash. Sharp optics. Great sensors. Tough as nails bodies.”

The Soul of a Camera…

Arias writes – “What is the soul of this camera? It’s the styling. That’s the first part of it. Then it’s the feel of it. Then it’s that damn amazing hybrid optical viewfinder. It’s attention to details. It’s listening to the community. It’s a perfect camera. I can not wait for whatever is coming down the pipe for the X-Pro.”  (Read Zack Arias’ full X100s review and see sample photos)

As a pro photographer who’s had a lot of experience with Fuji X-Series Cameras, here’s Arias’ take on the line.

Zack’s Fuji X Series buying guide

Fuji X100s – Buy it. Done.

Fuji X20 – Nice camera. It ain’t the x100s.

Fuji X-Pro1 – The more I use the Pro the more I love it. It’s a perfect companion to the x100. It’s more of a “work” camera since you can change lenses. Now that the x100s has the same sensor they can be switched back and forth on a job without any issues other than the bodies and buttons are totally different. I’d love to see Fuji finalize button layout on the X cameras and make them the same.

Fuji X-E1 – Pretty much the same as the X-Pro1 but has a better EVF but it loses the optical viewfinder. It’s “slightly” smaller. I have one. It’s nice…. but…. It’s not the X-Pro1. That optical viewfinder is absolutely worth the price.

Best performing camera in the current lineup? The x100s. Now the X-Pro1 and X-E1 have to play catch up. I have NO IDEA when that may happen.

Is it worth it to upgrade from the x100 to the x100s? I’m with [Pro-tog David] Hobby on this one. If you use the x100 a lot then yes. Upgrade. If you use it occasionally then keep it. It’s STILL a great camera.

Buy the Fuji X100s, Fuji X20, Fuji X-Pro1 or the Fuji X-E1 on Amazon Here


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