The Fujifilm X-E1 interchangeable lens digital camera in action

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Listen to professional photographer Toshimitsu Takahashi talk about street photography using the Fujifilm X-E1 Learn more about the X-E1

We’re VERY excited about this latest offering from the gang over at Fuji, as it features the same sensor and processor as the X-Pro1, which we LOVE, but in a little smaller (and less expensive) body. It uses the same X Mount lenses as the X-Pro1, but does not have it’s bigger brother’s hybrid viewfinder. The X-E1 DOES however, add a mic input. We hope that the X-E1 takes it’s performance in video mode up a notch over the X-Pro, but the best thing about these Fuji cameras, though… is that the image quality is SPECTACULAR!

Those interested in the X-E1 often compare it with the Olympus OM-D E-M5. Both of these cameras offer high IQ and are in a similar price range.


njb311 says:

It is Fujifilm UK’s official channel. It’s a marketing video. What part didn’t you understand?

photographerjonathan says:

fuji will have 10 lenses out for this camera buy the end of 2013, but as far as this video goes, the images don’t make me want to run out and buy the camera even though I really like this camera, and as far as what he says about being un noticed when taking someones shot, if you want that, get the OMD, you can hold the camera at your waist level using the tilt screen, and focus and take the shot with one touch on the touch screen, people wont even know your shooting them

PeopleVoicesForObama says:

Two of the X-E1’s competitors(Sony & Olympus) NEX-7 and E-M5 both have tilting rear screens. This is the what will covert me to buy Fuji…..I love the different angles I can use the camera with flip rear LCD screen and also to do self portrait. When they make a flip screen camera they’ll have me as a customer.

apw100 says:

Surely you are kidding? The three primes that are currently out are excellent, with the 35mm f/1.4 being hailed as one of the best lenses made in years. Plus, Fuji has a very ambitious lens road map for future releases.

Marian Cerovsky says:

this camera deserve better lenses 

RicardoSS85 says:

1:12 overexposed.

Deborah Marks says:

Propaganda? No, this is marketing for Fujifilm who make and sell superb cameras used by serious photographers. I’ll be buying this as my X100 is the a great camera that I use and appreciate every single day & this looks like it offers even more in the same size of package.
Superb work from a company that cares about quality.

knize10 says:

Propaganda for Fujifilm. They sell cameras.

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