The Fujifilm X-E1

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Billy Luong from The Fuji Guys joins Henry’s TV host Mark Shannon to introduce one of Fujifilm’s newest compact system cameras, the X-E1. With the same X-Trans CMOS sensor as the X-Pro 1, and its ability to accept existing X-Mount lenses, the X-E1 proves to be a strong contender in the Compact System Cameras market.

We LOVE the INCREDIBLE IMAGE QUALITY produced by the X-Pro1 and expect much the same from the X-E1. Although it loses the hybrid viewfinder of it’s bigger brother, it still has an extremely sharp EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) and throws a mic input into the mix.


RicardoSS85 says:

And they also made the AF better. The one on the X-Pro1 was a joke.

temporarymomentary says:

Fujifilm X-E1 has focus by wire (like x100 and x-pro1 ) ?

Meshwork123 says:

Wonderful design. I like that the small door is to he left side and not with the right hand grip; that the OVF is very high res; that playback button is at the left side away from the right thumb. Thanks Fuji.

razorthought4 says:

Fujifilm is really good about listening to the customers not only did they make a x series camera that you can afford but it is also just as unique as the more expensive x-pro 1 Love ,love fuji!!!!!

ClemCerf says:

I was looking for the X100 because the X-Pro1 was too expensive but now I’m happy that Fuji introduce the X-E1. I’m certainly going to buy one for Xmas.

HenrysCameras says:

Sorry about that! It seems I may have had my lapel microphone a bit to close to my throat for this video, and unfortunately we did not notice this until afterwards. Certainly didn’t intend for it to annoy anyone.

Aside from what, what do you think of the new X-E1?

ClemCerf says:

I hear someone breathing and IT’S ENOING!!!!!

Vladimyr1984 says:

Fujifilm X-E1 my next, actually it is my first 🙂

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