The Making of Epochs – Super Detailed How To Behind a Great Time Lapse Film

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Close posted a great article that gives a super-detailed behind the scenes look at how Epochs – the awesome Stop Motion Film above, was shot.

DIYPhoto Reports:  Hawaii based photographer Sean Goebel shot Epochs, a spectacular time lapse piece over 11 months and 4 states. Interestingly enough, a lot of the tracking gear he used was home made and lots of the “pro” gear borrowed. Just goes to show that talent and dedication trumps budget anytime. Sean was king enough to share the complete super-detailed making of Epochs, including gear lists, locations, challanges and a lost-in-a-desert with a dying flash light story. So sit back, go to full screen, crank up the volume and enjoy!

The making of

Epochs was filmed between January and November of 2012 in California, Arizona, Utah, and Hawaii. Sean’s homemade dolly and rotary table were used to create motion in various scenes, and he borrowed a backyard alt/az telescope tracking mount for a couple scenes. For information about Sean’s dolly or turntable, see The Motion Project. A variety of cameras and lenses were used during filming.

Here’s a little short that shows Sean shooting the Whitney Arch

The full article contains the story behind the shooting of all 25 scenes in the film.

About The Author

Sean Goebel is a photographer based in Hawaii. He worked for The Daily Californian hand has been teaching photography. You can follow him on Facebook, G+ and Vimeo. This article was originally posted here.


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