The Top 15 Photoshop Tools Every Photographer Needs to Know

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For those looking to bone up on the Photoshop Skills, B&H posted an excellent tutorial (above) by photographer (and highly skilled Photoshop Guy) Jeff Cable, who lectures on / demonstrates the top 15 tools that you need to know for quick and easy editing.  It’s almost 2 hours long, but it’s chock full of info and well worth the time if you really want to up your Photoshop game.

Tools Included in the Video:

  • Straightening – For those ever-so-slightly crooked pictures
  • Exposure – This contains the highlight and shadow sliders allowing you to fine-tune your exposure
  • Contrast – To give your photo a more realistic and punchier look
  • White Balance – To help correct colors in your scene
  • Sharpening – Particularly useful when importing RAW images since there is no in-camera sharpening
  • Luminance – For smooth noise reduction
  • Graduated Filter – For lightening or darkening top/bottom of the frame
  • Cropping – For cutting out unwanted objects or getting closer to your subject
  • Record Script – This tool will let you record editing action and play them back on other images for quick edits
  • Spot Healing Brush – To get rid of imperfections such as small skin flaws, unwanted strands of hair, and small reflections.
  • Content Aware Fill – For filling in blank spaces to look like the surrounding part of the image
  • Layer Mask – To edit without destroying the original image
  • Cloning – A much more exact tool used when the spot healing brush doesn’t work
  • Vibrance – For altering colors while not affecting skin tone
  • Custom Brush – Great for creating specific brushes, watermarks, and logos
  • Clarity – Sharpens and darkens the image

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