The Ultimate YouTube Vlogger Kit!

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Blunty’s back!  …and this time, the DigiDIRECT TV host is talking about Vlogging and his Ultimate YouTube Setup.

Blunty’s formula for vlogging perfection: the Sony RX100 compact “DSLR in your pocket” camera + an iPad mini = the best road-warrior vlogger production, editing & camera kit in the world right now?
It’s a road-warrior production studio that’ll fit in your pockets!

I can’t argue with Blunty here.  These are all powerful tools that will give you BIG RESULTS despite their small size.

Here’s a great RX100 package that includes a 32gb Class 10 SDHC Card, a carrying case, lens cleaning tool and more for the same price as the camera alone.

Check out the iPad Mini Here (we recommend the 32gb capacity if you intend to edit a lot of video files)

Get the iPad Connection Kit Here

Get Pinnacle Studio for iPad

We also recommend the Blue Microphones Spark Digital for USB and iPad  (Learn more here)


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