Two Cameras that you can STEAL… and they’re both from Panasonic.

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With all the fanfare surrounding the launch of the Panasonic Lumix GH3 just a few weeks ago, it’s worth noting that the camera it’s replacing at the top of the Panasonic lineup, the Lumix GH2, is STILL a KILLER video-making machine. Yes, the GH3 looks like an incredible camera, and judging from all the early reports coming in, it IS an incredible camera. But until it gets widely released sometime over the next few months, the Lumix GH2 was and still is the King of the Video Hill – and it’s the Go-To camera of numerous pro and indie video makers. Just look at the quality of the video above if you have any doubts (Hat Tip to Azuremain for shooting the video).

The best part is that, since the launch of the GH3, the price of the GH2 has come down dramatically. Pre GH3 launch, the price was about $1,000 USD. Now, we’ve seen it for as low as $650 USD (Body Only), and the price could fall even more once the GH3 gets into more hands.

There’s no doubt about it – if you couple the GH2 camera with a good lens, you’re going to get SUPERB QUALITY VIDEO, even without a hack (MC Contributor and Photo Video Ninja Will Crockett of uses several unhacked GH2s heavily in his work and raves about this camera’s quality and durability).

Sure… There are hoards of video-makers out there who are currently lusting after the GH3 (ourselves included), but if you’re just getting started, you have a limited budget yet you still want to get a high quality camera, then your timing couldn’t be better. Because over the next several months, you’ll be able to get your hands on one of the most celebrated video making machines of the last few years for what amounts to a steal.

Another of our favorite cameras of the last couple of years has also seen it’s prices fall of late. With the impending launch of the Lumix GX2 expected in November, the Panasonic Lumix GX1, which used to clock in around $800-$950 USD depending on which kit lens you went for, can now be found in the $400-$500 USD range… this is another STEAL of a deal for a camera that will give you GREAT results in both Photo and Video (in a much more compact form – Watch Will Crockett’s Real Life Review of the GX1 Here) – and check out the GX1 video sample below (courtesy of ePhotozine). Great quality video and audio from the onboard stereo mic (you’d almost swear you were right there watching the fireworks)!

Some of the Upsides of the Panasonic System Cams:

  • 16.01 mp Sensors
  • They are Micro 4/3 cameras, so there are a TON of GREAT LENSES available (that won’t break the bank)
  • Great low light performance
  • Loads of pro video features, including mic input and hdmi out (GH2 only)
  • High quality onboard stereo mic
  • No sensor overheating issues in video mode (common on other brands such as Sony or Canon DSLRs)
  • No 29 minute continuous video recording limit (very important for event or wedding videographers)

Check out the Pansonic Lumix GH2 and the Lumix GX1, along with what we consider to be Two MUST HAVE lenses for any Micro 4/3 System, below:


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