Using an Array of GoPro Hero Cams to Create Cool Matrix-Like Bullet Time Effects

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One of the things we like best about GoPro’s Hero Action Cameras is that there seems to be no end to their applications and to the truly unique and extraordinary shots that you can capture with them.  All you need is a little imagination.

The video above, Marc Donahue of Perma Grin Films shows off some of the coolest uses of a GoPro Hero (or I should say – GoPro Heroes) that we’ve seen in quite some time.

For the first effect, Marc uses an array of GoPro Hero cameras mounted on (at least) two DIY rigs – a small rig that can be handheld (see 0:18) and a bigger rig that provides a wider angle (see 0:50).

Another cool effect seen here is a technique Marc calls Lyric-Lapsing, which combines stop motion and time lapse with a talking head (No…  not David Byrne ~_^), creating a trippy, trancy effect (see the intro at 0:16 and the conclusion at 2:00).  (via DIYPhotography)

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