What Does it Take to Be a Smarter Photographer?

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MC Contributor Will Crockett (DiscoverMIrrorless.com) previews his all new video series, The Smarter Photographer.

Will Writes:
Aaaahhh, hybrid imaging. So cool. The skillful blend of still photos and video and audio and anything else we can cram into a file to make it leap off the screen. Any screen. From an iPhone or ‘Droid, to a sweet new iPad or even TV, as photographer we want OUR images to outshine any others.
The SMARTER Photographer is a new online video series that keep you up to speed on the easier, faster, simpler and smarter ways to create hybrid images using any camera. We’re learning LED lights, shooting video with our photo cameras, file processing for hybrid eProducts, and even exploring the magical powers of the new breed of mirrorless cameras in this one hour long video.
Catch a new volume every 10 weeks, guaranteed good, and a nice low price too.

Will is a world-class photographer and imaging expert, and he’s assembled a panel of highly renowned experts that are blazing the trail into hybrid imaging. The SMARTER Photographer – Vol I can seriously cut down your learning curve, give you a leg up on the competition and open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, guiding you into the newly emerging world of hybrid imaging.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this video series, and Will has agreed to hook up our readers with Special Pricing on The Smarter Photographer!
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