What’s the Difference Between the GoPro Hero3 Black, Silver and White Editions and the GoPro Hero2?

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Since the release of the GoPro Hero3 Cameras last fall, one of the biggest questions that fans of the GoPro action camera lineup has been this…

Just what is the difference between the GoPro Hero3 Black, Silver and White Editions, and are they any better than the Hero2?

The video above from eyeofmineGoProHDHero showcases the differences between the 3 Hero3 Editions and just what separates them from the previous generation, the Hero2.

Hero3 vs Hero2, in a nutshell…

Starting off with the advancements between to last 2 generations of GoPro cameras, the first thing you’ll notice is that the GoPro Hero3 cameras are even smaller and lighter than their predecessors, although all of these cameras can considered tiny.  The Hero3 cameras also sport a sleeker design, but styling points aside, there are some differences under the hood as well.

  • Both the Hero2 and Hero3 have optional LCD BacPacs, but the Hero3’s Bacpac has a touch screen and improved resolution.
  • The 3.5mm input jack on the Hero2 to our disappointment, is missing on the Hero3 – but the Hero3 does have a headphone jack for monitoring and playback.
  • All three Hero3 cameras have improved resolution and low light capability than the Hero2, with the most noticeable difference being at the top of the Hero3 lineup – the Black Edition.
  • The Hero3 cameras have Wi-Fi – The Hero2 does not.  This is big, because it allows to connect your Hero3 camera to your smart device and use the GoPro Hero app.


What’s the Difference Between the Black, Silver and White Editions?

The White, Silver and Black Editions can be described as “Good, Better, Best.”  The Hero3 Black Edition rightfully holds the flagship position in GoPro’s Hero lineup, as it does stand head and shoulders above the Silver and White Editions in low light performance, resolution and additional features.  It’s important to note that although the Hero3 Black Edition technically has 4k capability, it will only record 12 fps at that level, so it’ll only be useful for time lapse at 4k.

When comparing the Silver and White Editions with the GoPro Hero2, the differences in resolution and low light performance become more negligible, BUT…  don’t forget that all the GoPro Hero3 cameras have wi-fi and the Hero2 does not.  This is a big reason to go with a Hero3.

There’s also a Wi-Fi Bac Pac and Remote available that are both compatible with the FREE GoPro App, and the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition comes with the Wi-Fi Remote.

Wi-Fi Bacpac with Remote

You can also pick up an optional touch LCD backpack which allows you to control your camera via touchscreen and also adds a 3.5mm headphone jack. This is a useful tool, but you can also use your smartphone or tablet device to do the same thing through the GoPro App.

GoPro LCD Backpack

You should also check out GoPro CineForm Studio, which is FREE software that allows you to:

    • * automatically update firmware for GoPro HD HERO2 cameras
    • * create 3D videos shot with the GoPro 3D HERO System
    • * perform color correction, image enhancement, & file preparation prior to video editing or sharing on Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook.

GoPro are a company that came virtually from nowhere and over the last few years, they have established themselves as one of (if not THE) premiere action camera manufacturer in the world, and the reason is simple…  They make GREAT STUFF!  These GoPro cameras are getting better and better, to the point where a lot of professional movie and TV producers are using them to get POV shots.  We highly recommend them.
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