Why Choose Mirrorless Over DSLR – 10 Photo/Video Pros Discuss

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In the latest edition of the Hybrid Hangout, MC contributor Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) hosts a panel of Nine photo and video pros (and some not so pros) to share the reasons why they switched to mirrorless, or why they are still waiting, and what they are looking for in order to make an intelligent decision when or if to shed the big bulky but powerful DSLRs. Joining will in the conversation are MC Creator Scott Giorgini, MC Contributos Giulio Sciorio (SmallCameraBigPicture.com) and Rob Domaschuk (ShootHybrid.com) along with Paula Thomas, Carol Schlintz, special guest Dave Curlee from GeekBeatTV and others as they take 30 minutes to share, joke, explore and poke fun at each other to decide when and why to migrate to mirrorless as they create their own unique methods of creating photo+video+audio hybrid images.

If you had both a DSLR and a mirrorless camera system, when do you choose the mirrorless over the DSLR to shoot? Why do some pros say they are using their mirrorless more and DSLR less? If the prediction that mirrorless will be the DSLR in the near future is right (and it is!), what is the reason YOU need to sell off your Canon and Nikon DSLRs and go with the lighter, smaller and smarter mirrorless gear for shooting both still photo and video?

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