Youtube is Going Hybrid

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Did you know that Youtube now gives you the ability to easily upload photos (yes…  photos) to create basic hybrid slideshows?

It seems that Google’s popular video hosting service isn’t just for videos anymore, and Petapixel posted an article demonstrating Youtube’s new Hybrid Creation Tool.

Petapixel reports…

image courtesy of Petpixel

image courtesy of Petpixel

“[Youtube] has a special feature designed just for photo slideshows. If you’ve never considered using YouTube for photos, you may have never noticed the option, but it’s right there on the Upload page.

Click it, and you’ll be asked to select the photos you’d like to use for the slideshow. This can either be photos that you’ve already uploaded to Google+ (or Picasa), or photos on your computer.

Once the photographs are uploaded to Google’s servers and selected, you can arrange the photos into the order you want and then customize the slideshow. Basic options include slide duration, slide effect, and transition style. The page will also give you options to add audio to your slideshow.

Once it’s created, you’ll be taken to the standard video editing page, where you can customize the video further, change settings, and monetize it with ads if you wish.”  (Read article on PetaPixel)

My 2 Cents:  Hybrid Edition

This is just another sign the the era of Hybrid Photography is not only coming, it’s already here – and this simple service from Youtube is a great way to make a basic slideshow from you family photos, etc.  For something a little more robust, and to incorporate videos into your shows as well, here’s a couple of options that I highly recommend…

PC users:  Definitely check out ProShow Producer ( – This software suite allows you to easily blend your photos, videos, audios and graphics while giving you ultimate control over the creation of your Hybrid Productions, including transitions, duration time of each clip, audio levels, etc.  This is the solution that is used by most of my colleagues to create the Hybrid eProducts we feature on

MAC Users:  The best solution we’ve found for MACs is FotoMagico (from the folks at Boinx).  It’ll give you the same abilities and control over your productions that ProShow Producer does for PC users.  If you would still like to use ProShow, they also have a web based version – ProShow Web (which I used to quickly throw together the video below) – that will work across platforms.  and fear not, because the Hybrid eTemplates on will work for MACs too!


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